Entertainment Storm of love, advances 11 August 2020: the Holler...

Storm of love, advances 11 August 2020: the Holler suffers threats

Love storm will be back tomorrow on Rete 4 and a shocking episode is already being prepared, given that by now there are so many people who know about Nadja Holler’s secret. The voice, therefore, will be closer and closer to Tim’s ears. Here’s what’s going to happen.

Storm of love: this is what will happen

Annabelle Sullivan fails in his plan. The goal was to invite Paul to dinner, drug him and make him his, to make him forget the death of Romy and no longer have anyone to take care of shedding light and discover the truth about the death of the maid. Instead, Paul He soon discovers that he has been drugged by the woman and asks to take a test to understand what she has put in his glass.

The circle also tightens for Nadja. Indeed, Dirk discovers the truth and confronts it. She is not expecting a child from Tim, on the contrary … She is not expecting a child from anyone, she is not pregnant! Meanwhile, the relationship between Bela and Lucy is in danger of changing.

In fact, while the two are preparing a love song for a famous singer, they decide to pretend to be engaged and in love to give strength to the text. Too bad, however, that Bela discovers that he is really in love with Lucy.

More, Nice he knows perfectly well that Lucy doesn’t love him. So, he doesn’t even face the situation and pretends nothing has happened. So when Lucy tells her about career advancement, he is very evasive and tries to avoid her at all costs.

Lucy, however, may soon change her mind due to Bela’s behavior towards others …

COULD IT BE INTERESTING FOR YOU: Storm of love, advances from 10 to 14 August 2020

Dirk Baumgartner: who he is and who plays him in Storm of love

Dirk Baumgartner appears in the 16th season. In fact, his first appearance is in episode 3297.

Dirk is Linda’s ex-husband and Annabelle Sullivan’s uncle. Before they finally separated, Dirk and Linda had made a trip to Hong Kong. Their marriage ended after 25 years.

Dirk has Markus Pfeiffer as interpreter. The actor was born in 1967 and is a well-known face on German television. In fact, he began his career as a voice actor. He started doing theater in 1992 at the Altona Theater.

He works in radio and audiobooks, but he does not disdain TV series. Here are some of which he took part in before participating in Tempesta d’amore:

  • Between Day and Night (TV series).
  • Two dead in the dump (TV movie).
  • Lots of Life (TV series).
  • Islands Below the Wind (TV series).
  • A Case for Two (TV series, 2 episodes).
  • Shadowman (short film).
  • Heartbeat – The North Medical Team (TV series, 5 episodes).
  • Tatort – Angel of the Night (TV series).
  • The Fallers – The SWR Black Forest Series (TV series, 427 episodes).
  • Good Times, Bad Times (TV series).

Markus has an official profile on Instagram with 1800 followers. In Germany, he also dubbed video games such as Assassin’s Creed e The Witcher.


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