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Storm: tourists trapped in Norderney – Railway Chaos

They wanted to spend a relaxing holiday, but they entered the flood. How four tourists and one child could still be saved.

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Berlin. The storm has driven the waters of the North Sea at a higher level than usual, tourists suddenly saw themselves in a threatening situation. Five people – including a small child – had to leave a dune on Norderney Island to be saved.

The water had reached such a level that the group could not easily be taken by car: the fire brigade could not overcome the flood. The only alternative? L & # 39; helicopter.

The Niedersächsische Landesbetrieb for water management, coastal and nature protection had warned Tuesday and Wednesday night of rising water levels on the Lower Saxony coast. Therefore, there is a risk of flooding for beaches and areas in front of dams.

The chaos of the storm in Northern Germany – The most important thing in short:

  • A depression in the storm caused devastation in northern Germany
  • There were restrictions on rail traffic
  • Particularly violent he induced a tour group in Norderney to feel the storm

Storm and storms cause chaos

The storm in northern Germany has also caused problems in other places. An overturned sailboat due to the strong winds on the Müritz. The boat turned and the tree pierced the bottom of the lake. The sailors were unharmed.

A low storm in the direction of the Baltic states caused chills and stormy winds, especially in the north and northeast of Germany. Also with the German course he caused the storm due to the restrictions. Passengers had to switch to other trains, trees, garbage and covered parts on the roofs were in the tracks and the overhead lines were damaged. How the train compensates for cancellations and train delays.

In Hanover, 200 people had to sleep in two trains. From another ICE, which traveled from Chur in Switzerland to Hamburg, 150 passengers were loaded into Nienburg by bus and drove to Hanover. Another 300 people from the same train waited more than two hours to continue the journey. At 1.35am on Wednesday morning, the train started moving again.

The connection between Hamburg and Bremen was initially completely closed. There were delays between Hanover and Göttingen in both directions, as well as on the Uelzen-Lüneburg-Hamburg route. Partially replacement buses should drive. About one hour before midnight, the company then announced that all routes were viable again.

Norderney surprised by strong winds

Strong winds already Tuesday afternoon Crew of a sailboat on the Müritz surprised by the Mecklenburg Lake District. The boat capsized in a stormy and gusty wind to southwest up to magnitude eight, and the mast of the ship drilled the bottom of the lake, police said. A passenger ship picked up the five sailors, the fireman hid the damaged ship at a temperature of 16 degrees water.

The five people in Norderney were, according to the the rescuers On Tuesday, in the eastern part of the island, a dune climbed and fell from an emergency call. A rescue helicopter finally carried the tourists on board and took them back to a parking lot.

Google Maps Map shows Norderney

On this Google map you can see Norderney and the other islands.

Significantly worse scenes had been recited a few days earlier in Mallorca, and there was even a death in a severe storm.
In India, 700 passengers had to be saved, stuck in the monsoon tides.
In Australia, a flood had made crocodiles appear in the middle of cities.

The storm also upset rail traffic in northern Germany. Passengers had to be patient due to the closure of the tracks and delays. In Hanover, even 200 people had to sleep on the train.
(Ses / dpa)

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