storms and serious damage in Mendrisiotto, critical situation in Breggia [VIDEO]


The strong wave bad weather that is raging in the Comasco, is causing damage and inconvenience also in the Ticino area and throughout Switzerland: Breggia is among the most affected locations, even if damage, landslides and floods are reported in various locations, including Morbio Superiore, Caneggio, Sagno, Bruzella, Muggio.
Citizens of the affected areas were asked not to leave their homes and to move only in urgent cases.

The Breggia river has swelled due to the intense rains of the last few hours: the flow rate in Chiasso during the night was around 10 cubic meters per second, and in a short time it increased to 115 meters and then touched 150, about 300 times the average. monthly of July.
The Faloppia in Chiasso, from less than 2 cubic meters per second, exceeded 86 cubic meters per second at 10.

Flooding reported in Morbio Inferiore, Balerna, Coldrerio, Novazzano and Vacallo.
The firefighters of Chiasso received at least a hundred requests for help.

In the last 2 days, Ticino has recorded more rainfall than all of Switzerland.

To monitor the situation weather forecast, here are the best pages of nowcasting:

Switzerland: storm in Mendrisiotto, the Breggia river is scary [VIDEO]

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