Strache and the FPÖ are in bad shape in the casino affair


WWhen it comes to discrete or dubious arrangements, there is a saying that every trained Austrian actually knows: “A Scripture is a poison.” Heinz-Christian Strache did not know this saying; or he did not consider text messages from his cell phone as “a scripture”. The former party leader of the right-wing Freedom Party and vice-chancellor in the year and a half of the center-right government under the then (and likely future) Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has certainly sent a wealth of such news. Some read as if they were little discrete evidence of rather dubious arrangements.

Stephan Lowenstein

Stephan Lowenstein

Political correspondent for Austria and neighboring countries based in Vienna.

They are reminiscent of phrases used to hear Strache on the notorious Ibiza video. Because on these hidden recorded recordings was about that Strache – at this time, 2017, not yet in the government, but expectant – a supposed patroness all sorts of business with the state in prospect, once he was in office and dignity. The area of ​​gambling was expressly included. Probably for this reason, it is the same investigators who investigate possible facts in connection with “Ibiza”, which have now also been active because of the appointment of the FPÖ man Peter Sidlo as the executive committee of the state-owned Casinos Austria. In September, they raided Strache, Sidlo, former Secretary of State Hubert Fuchs (all FPÖ) and leading figures in the gaming group Novomatic, chief executive Harald Neumann and owner Johann Graf.

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