Strange findings of the Kim Jong Un regime. “Unusual items” cause the coronavirus

Based on these conclusions Kim Dzong Un it ordered its citizens to “be vigilant about foreign objects, blown by wind and other climatic phenomena, and balloons in areas along the demilitarized zone and along the borders.”

According to the state agency North Korean KCNA An 18-year-old soldier and a 5-year-old boy came into contact with unidentified materials “on the hill around barracks and residential neighborhoods” in early April. Both later tested positive for the coronavirus.

“The results of the investigation showed that several people coming from the Iphori area of ​​Kumgang County in Kangwon Province to the capital in mid-April had a fever, and there was also a sharp increase in fever among their contacts,” KCNA reported.

North Korean authorities say the first wave of COVID-19 is subsiding, although experts suspect the figures released by the government-controlled media are understated. On Friday, Pyongyang reported 4,570 people with symptoms of fever, and the total number of patients with fever since late April is 4.74 million.

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