Strasbourg agrees with Spain in condemning rapper Pablo Hasel for glorifying terrorism and insulting the Crown and the Police

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He European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has rejected the rapper’s lawsuit Pablo Hasel against Spain for the sentence imposed on him in 2018 for crimes of glorifying terrorism (nine months in prison and fine) and insults and slander against the Crown (fine) and State institutions (fine).

In a resolution notified this Thursday, Strasbourg concludes that the Spanish Justice adequately weighed the rights at stake, particularly that of freedom of expression, taking into account that this is an artist who issued criminal messages through a song and several tweets.

The magistrates unanimously consider that the sentence handed down by the National Court complies with the strict European jurisprudence on the matter, since their praise of the terrorist organization Grapo was directed at a “broad audience” and could have increased the risk of violent acts. .

Regarding the fine sentences for the attacks on the crown and the Security Forces, the European court indicates that their accusations of torture and murder of immigrants to the police were not supported “by any evidence.”

The sentences imposed were “proportionate” to the case. And he remembers that the rapper would not have effectively gone to prison if it were not for the fact that he had a record. A first sentence of two years in prison for exaltation imposed in 2014 had been suspended. The new conviction in 2018 led to revoking that suspension and carrying out the sentence.

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