Streeck calls for scenarios in the event that there is no vaccine – domestic politics

Virologist Hendrik Streeck (42) warns of false expectations in dealing with the global corona pandemic!

“It is important to also design scenarios in the event that there may not be a vaccine,” said the director of the Institute of Virology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn in one Interview with the FAZ.

Streeck bases his request on the fact that no vaccine has yet been found for any of the various corona viruses – similar to malaria, dengue, tuberculosis and HIV. “There is no universal vaccine,” said the expert.

As with influenza flu, you have to develop a vaccine every year. Apparently an unrealistic plan: It is impossible to prevent all infections of the virus type “and the question arises whether this is sensible and necessary at all”, says Streeck.

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Perm instead of second wave

In conversation with the FAZ, the virologist shows that the majority of those infected have a rather mild course of the disease or show hardly any symptoms. His demand therefore: “We have to find measures for those who are going through a difficult course and protect precisely these people.”

When asked about the risk of infection during the holiday season, Streeck does away with the term “second wave”, which he believes is “misleading”. Because: “We have to realize that the virus is here and will not go away, that we are dealing with a perm, so to speak.”

The holiday season does not have to be an additional risk, since the spread in summer is rather asymptomatic compared to winter. Streeck once again underlines its position: “Our goal cannot be to drive out the virus. It will not be possible. “

Mass tests can be deceptive

Regarding the future handling of Corona in everyday life, Streeck considers the possible mass tests before Bundesliga games or music events to be a possibility that could prevent “at least a large part” of the infections.

But: “You can get infected in the test center and be infectious two days later. So mass tests have to be viewed a little bit critically, because they can give a deceptive feeling of absolute security. “

Virologist dispute: “Drosten and I discuss together”

The much-discussed virologist dispute is also an interview topic. Streeck blocks: differences of opinion would “Drosten and I normally discuss together at the table and that’s it. From the outside, this is often exaggerated into a scandal about how to deal with each other ”.

Streeck’s position: In science there is no right and wrong opinion. Not an individual is correct, mostly the truth lies in the middle.

And further: “We live in the same pandemic and we all want the same thing, namely that we as a society can get along well.”


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