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Security is one of the issues that most concerns the Chilean population. For this reason, the Chilean Keeper App provides intelligent technology to address this concern and that, in addition, is completely free for everyone.

reinforce the security in buildings and condominiums It is the priority of many neighbors who seek to prevent any possible incident. Take advantage of smart technology it can help to significantly increase the level of protection for the entire community, without the need to incur stratospheric costs.

And it is that many think that technological solutions are too expensive, but it is not always the case, since there are several applications for cell phones that are of low cost or even freeand which represent a significant advance compared to more traditional methods.

One of them is Keeper App, a Chilean application that is totally free, since it is financed through advertising, and that provides multiple services to buildings or condominiums, including administration of income to the place, programming of visits, opening of gates, digital interphone and more. Currently, It is used by thousands of homes in our country.

In interview with BioBioChile, Carlos Venegas Aravena, industrial civil engineer and CEO of Keeper Appprovides some tips for neighbors to take advantage of technologies of this type to be safer.

Goodbye paper books: online visitor registration is now preferred

Most buildings in our country continue to use the traditional method of registering visitors: a handwritten book. Clearly, it is a system that is not at all secure, since said notebook can be stolen, lost, it is easy to falsify the information, its daily use causes it to wear out and does not allow efficient management to reinforce certain schedules.

Today there are apps, such as Keeper, which can fulfill this same function, but in a much more efficient way. In addition to recording the information, allow you to schedule visits in advance, establish frequent visitors, scan identity cards and more functionalities in access control.

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“You can count on a more rigorous system regarding what information you are going to record, because you can predetermine that the system requires data that you could ignore or miss on paper. There is a protocol that must be followed. It does not depend on a book, but rather it depends on a cloud in which your data is hosted and protected”, explains Venegas.

Open the gates from your phone

Another very effective measure to prevent unwanted incidents is being able to open the gates from your cell phone. To achieve this, they need to have an electric gate that has the GSM system, says the expert.

In these cases, “the system has a chip where authorized telephone numbers are stored and, when the telephone number associated with that chip is called, it will allow the gate to be opened”.

This method is universal, so there are multiple apps that are compatible with it, including Keeper. This means that you do not need to be changing the entire system every time you want to migrate applications. What the apps do is serve as intermediaries to facilitate the process.

Turn your cell phone into your digital interphone

Los cytophonist they are expensive devices to install, prone to failure and, as they are landlines, you do not have the freedom to answer them from wherever you want. If you don’t make it on time, you miss the call.

All this is no longer a problem because now there are digital door phones, that is, the residents’ smartphones themselves become door phones.

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This is a functionality that also has Keeper and its CEO states that “in addition to having a free interphone, you have it on your cell phone. That means you can answer the doorphone from your room, from the patio or even outside your house or apartment. Many times visits or parcels arrive, and you do not know because you are not at home. Now the concierge can call you if you are in the supermarket”.

Keeper App

Interact with all your neighbors

It is becoming more and more common for neighbors not to know each other, especially when it comes to large condominiums. It can even be difficult to establish a relationship with those closest to us, because we spend a lot of time away from home.

Technology is vital to solve this problem. In addition to the classic WhatsApp chat, there are apps that allow you to share messages and notifications in an orderly manner, making digital coexistence easier.

Keeper’s CEO adds, on this point, that they included a wall of notices and a marketplace in their app, precisely for this reason: “We are convinced that security is not just about having technology. It helps, but it’s not just that. That’s why, We think about how we can help neighbors relate better to each other and to their neighbourhood, because today we have lost much of the sense of community”.

Alarm for all kinds of emergencies

Being close to your neighbors, both in real life and in cyberspace, can also be vital when dealing with or preventing emergencies. For these cases, there are apps that connect all the phones of a certain group of people, allowing them to send an alarm signal if someone experiences an emergency and needs help.

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Keeper has a emergency button, which all residents see in your app. It appears on the screen very clearly and conspicuously. And if you press it, it triggers an alarm to the janitor, who can see the house and the person who set it off. You can indicate the reason why you pressed it, such as if there is suspicious activity or if you fell, as can happen to an older adult”, says the executive.

“In addition, it has another property, which can only be activated by the concierge, which is to notify all users,” he adds.

emergency button
Keeper App

All technology must be easy to use

You can have the best technological advances in your condo… and they are useless because nobody knows how to use them.

Any technology you introduce in your community must be intuitive and easy to use, since you must bear in mind that all kinds of people live there and some may have more difficulty adapting to changes in the digital environment, as is often the case with older adults , for instance.

“Applications should be simple, like WhatsApp or like Keeper, which are extremely easy to use. They have few buttons, it is quite clear what they are for. This is more important in the case of older people, who are more reluctant to use this type of technology, and especially when we pass them something that they can’t even understand well,” warns the engineer.

In order to register your condo in Keeper, you must go to and fill out a form. The company will contact the user later to integrate them into the service. More information can be requested at [email protected].

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