Health Strengths to achieve mental well-being | THE UNIVERSAL

Strengths to achieve mental well-being | THE UNIVERSAL

PIt may be that asking us when all this pandemic will end is recurrent, and yes, it is normal.

Experts say that reaching the new normal must also be faced, and it is that after six months in confinement, many of us remain in fear, because the pandemic continues and so far there is no vaccine or treatment for the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Carmen Garrido, a clinical psychologist, explains that it is better to adopt a mental and emotional well-being in the face of this new normal.

“Let’s dedicate the time necessary for our life, since it will allow us to enjoy the present and thus reduce the thoughts caused by the pandemic situation or by situations of the past or future.” The expert advises us:

Shift in thinking:

What is not in our control is better to put aside, for example, be asking ourselves: when will this pandemic end? When will the vaccine be ready?

“What is out of our hands must be eliminated from our thoughts, otherwise we will continue to stress ourselves, increasing anxiety and uncertainty about what will happen, influencing our affections and behaviors,” says Garrido.


We are all responsible for every act that we carry out and one of those responsibilities is to take care of ourselves, because that way we can take care of others.

Perform physical exercises:

If exercise is practiced regularly and with the right intensity, it will help improve the overall functional capacity of the body.

The World Health Organization explains that it takes at least 45 minutes a day for benefits to come through.

“It can be at home, or in another place; Exercise improves cognitive function, improves our mental health and moods, fighting anxiety, stress, depression, improves self-esteem.

“Endorphins are released during exercise with positive effects, generating a feeling of well-being and tranquility,” adds the psychologist.


¿Meditating helps us to reach a state of mental and physical relaxation. “Today there are many forms of meditation. I recommend one that is my favorite: dedicate a time of 30 minutes, preferably before starting all the activities, to have an encounter with God and his word (I personally recommend it), because it brings us well-being and fills us with confidence and faith . Another is meditation mindfulnessWith it, we achieve full attention to the things we are doing, focusing on the present and at the same time helping us to enjoy what we are doing. It is also good to practice yoga ”.

Have a project

of life:

This gives us a reason to stay alive and awake. Fighting for a life project can, as you want: improve the family bond, improve the love relationship in marriage, help us open a digital business, write a book, strengthen a skill in our life, etc. There are many ways of life project, and if you don’t have it you can create it.

Help others, Reaching out to other people generates gratification, peace, tranquility; the person feels satisfied by the work done. You can link to activities in your community, church, social work, etc.


It is not easy, but it is not impossible to acquire it either.

“This optimism must be accompanied by reality and it is essential for these times of crisis to always see the good in each situation. I recommend an exercise: write down three good things that happened during the day, such as’ today was a very nice sunny day ‘,’ today we had a good lunch ‘,’ the sale went well ‘,’ today was a very fruitful at work, ‘”etc.

Maintain a sleep schedule:

It is important to have a fixed schedule for sleep, avoid naps during the day, and avoid consuming energy drinks at night. When a person does not have a fixed schedule to sleep, over time it creates an alteration in the pattern.

Be flexible:

It is necessary to be flexible in each situation, it is also important that we learn from any crisis we are experiencing. “This crisis has improved my family bond”, “communication in my relationship with my partner improved a lot”, “I learned that I should save and not spend money on things that are not necessary”, etc.

“It is good not to focus on the bad things that happen. Now, if people continue to present a lot of stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and cannot concentrate on their activities, it is advisable to consult a mental health professional, a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist to improve the discomfort. When it is very serious, this is treated with Psychotherapy and Pharmacology, if necessary ”, concludes the mental health expert.


From the point of view of what you like to do, you can focus on dancing, reading a book, writing, listening to music, talking with family, talking with friends on video calls, eating your favorite food, observing nature, etc.


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