Stress, anxiety, emotion management, personal relationships: watch video chats with 15 renowned psychiatrists and psychologists

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Fifteen top-level psychiatrists and psychologists have sat down in front of our screens to talk about how to take care of mental health in different aspects of life in the series of video chats ICOMENTALKSwhich has been organized by the Madrid College of Physicians (ICOMEM), in collaboration with EL MUNDO, within the celebration of its 125 years.

The purpose of this series is to provide high-quality information and useful tips at a time when mental health care has acquired unprecedented importance.

In the program, EL MUNDO journalists Yaiza Perera, Virginia Hernandez, Rocío R. García-Abadillo y Rebecca Yanke They conduct interviews with influential figures in the field of psychiatry, such as Rosa Molina, Mercedes Navío, Beatriz Martínez y Javier Quinteroand psychology, as Rafael Santandreu, Silvia Alava, Patri Psychologist, Lorena Gascon, Silvia Congost o Alba Cardalda.

Conversation topics address crucial issues related to mental health in both adults and children, including issues such as suicide, emotional management, anxiety, personal relationships, and the mind-body connection.

Here you can see the video talks published so far:

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