“Strict with the restaurateurs, not with that gang of stoners” – Libero Quotidiano

Come back Paolo Del Debbio with his Obverse and Reverse. Back strictly on Rete 4. And here is that in the first episode of the season, Thursday 9 September, among the guests figure Giorgia Meloni, the very aggressive leader of the Brothers of Italy who allows himself in a long, all-out interview. And among the various issues addressed here Luciana Lamorgese, to which he reserves a very strong criticism, and vaccine and Green Pass, two issues on which Meloni reserves harsh criticisms of the government.

No Green pass, 100 majority MPs vote with Meloni, Orlando:

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“I repeat that Lamorgese must resign, she is a bad Minister of the Interior – Meloni is in the fourth place -. She represents a state that is good at being strong with the weak and the weak with the strong. I remember that Lamorgese is the same minister who was chasing the Italians with drones on the beach during the lockdown, which fined the spaced out restaurateurs who demonstrated against the government. what we saw this summer with the rave in Viterbo is unforgivable: you wonder why these runaways didn’t go to other countries? Why don’t they make them do it. When I hear that Lamorgese has done a great job, I think they think so Mario Draghi and stoners from all over Europe, who came to do a six-day rave right in Italy. Couldn’t the firmness that he had with the fined restaurateurs had with this band of stoners who came from all over Europe? “Asks Meloni.

Therefore, on vaccines: “The truth? The data are clear enough: the vaccine does not stop the infection. It probably hopes the worsening of the disease and the risk of intensive care. But then you can’t put the Green Pass to say you want to stop the infection – said the leader of FdI -. The alternative? Doing everything you still don’t do: we talk about the Green Pass because this year the government has not prepared for the recovery. Public transport, for example, has not even been strengthened this year. “So Meloni reproaches the government for the delays and confusion about school and face-to-face lessons. The risk?” Another year in dad, of distance learning ” Giorgia Meloni concludes with an alarm.

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