Stromae: Adorable photo of his wife Coralie Barbier with his discreet sister Saskia

Stromae saw his singing career take off in 2010. At the time, his success on the music scene was dazzling, his private life too. He shares the daily life of Tatiana Silva, miss weather. A story that ends in 2012 in sweetness and friendship. But the interpreter Papaoutai didn’t stay alone for long. Very quickly, he crosses paths with Coralie Barbier, a Belgian stylist asked to dress the singer. The young woman does not only choose the outfits of Stromae since she enters little by little in his life until becoming his companion.

In December 2015, the lovebirds married in Belgium, their country of origin and became the parents of a boy three years later. But the little family is much bigger than you think! Indeed, if Stromae is not an only child, Coralie Barbier either. The latter has a sister named Saskia whom she very rarely mentions in public but whom she loves more than anything in the world. She also sent him a magnificent statement in his Instagram story (see our slideshow) on the occasion of his birthday.

The two much younger sisters are seen posing next to each other, wearing the same outfit consisting of a blue floral skirt and matching white blouse, bouquets in hand. A shot potentially from a marriage of which we will know nothing more but which allowed him to declare all his love to Saskia: “Happy birthday to my first favorite person in the world forever. The most extraordinary of women, I love you.“Unlike her sister and her brother-in-law, Saskia did not marry a career in the artistic field. She studied medicine to become a psychologist.

Stromae’s career, a family affair

Stromae, meanwhile, can count on his family to support him in his success. The 38-year-old singer took to the stage at the Victoires de la Musique 2023 with his wife Coralie and Luc, who is none other than his younger brother. The latter works with the couple on the Mosaert label, creator of clothing, music videos and tour staging. The two brothers are also as close as Coralie and her sister Saskia. Enough to form a shock quartet, perfect for finding comfort in difficult times.

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