Strong criticism of Warner Bros. to ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ trailer with reference to controversial film


Last week, Warner Bros. then finally the first trailer free for Space Jam: A New Legacy. It showed quite a striking world, full of figures from many Warner Bros. properties.

We see that in the trailer Space Jam 2 partly shows characters from the Warner Bros. catalog, in addition to the Looney Tunes. So at one point we also see the Droogs on the edge of a basketball court Stanley Kubricks dark classic A Clockwork Orange stand.

Ultra Violent Street Criminals
The Droogs is a group of ultra-violent street criminals who commit violence for the sake of violence. Not because they are directly looking for profit or something like that, but because they can.

The fact that they are there does not fit well into the franchise for many people on social media. Some people therefore subtly point out that Pepé le Pew was considered unsuitable for the film (as a racist character), and that the violent criminals are suitable.

Space Jam: A New Legacy debuts in cinemas in the United States and on HBO Max in mid-July.

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