Strong messages from Rocío Marengo about her desire to be a mother after her last attempt failed

Marengo underwent fertility treatment to fulfill her desire to be a mother, but it failed

For a long time, Dew Marengo She has the desire to become a mother and, this year, she decided to carry out fertility treatment, something that she decided to make public through her networks and in different media interviews, it did not turn out as expected and the pregnancy was not achieved.

Now, some questions from her Instagram followers led her to respond, very briefly, on this very intimate subject. Are you going to try to get pregnant again? they asked him anonymously, in the classic “Ask me a question” on Instagram.

In the middle of April, Dew Marengo he had made a big announcement about his personal life. At that time, and while various rumors were spreading that she wanted to become a mother, the media enabled a game of questions and answers in Instagram and a follower was direct with his query: “Are you going to be a mom? I’m dying of love”. Far from avoiding it, on that occasion she answered: “Yes Yes. In a few days we will have news. I am happy to have shared it with you. I took a lot of pressure off myself. I am very happy and calm”.

Rocio Marengo's response
Rocio Marengo’s response

However, just a month and a half later, everything changed. And, true to his style, she preferred to tell it in the first person on her networks. “Oh, I don’t know how to tell you. How to say it. What words to use ”, he began expressing in his stories. And he continued: “Well, I prefer to face the situation and tell it myself for the only time. no baby on the way”.

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“I want to thank you for all the love, respect and support you gave me from the moment I shared my decision. Family, friends, my Doc and his entire team… I felt super loved, cared for and contained. All those who were part of this little piece of the road would choose them again 1000 times more, ”she continued.

Rocio Marengo's response
Rocio Marengo’s response

Meanwhile, she added, deeply moved: “It was beautiful to know that there are many girls who want to be mothers and that when we do not achieve our goal with natural procedures, we turn to science to fulfill our desire. The road is often long… We must not lower our arms!”. Lastly, she concluded, “A lot of emotions, I put my body, mind, and heart. I am sad, but I was very happy trying and fighting for my wish. All my love for you”.

Just weeks ago, the former participant of The academy had been in charge of sharing a video from a clinic, in which he implied that the procedure that was performed was part of the treatment to have a child. In the images of her, she was seen in a hospital bed with a gown and a cap, and commenting: “A little anesthetized still, with my sister who accompanied me.” She in her text added: “I have the best family and friends in the world. Thank you Sol, sister, best friend, everything”.

Immediately afterwards, he had also uploaded another photo from the medical institute and wrote: “I’m very happy. I appreciate all the love you send me in your messages. I will continue to be connected with myself, with my family and friends (I have the best ones) at this very personal and desired moment. I am very happy, confident and proud of myself. A cute but strong mix of emotions. Thank you for the respect, I love you”.

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