Strong repercussions on Duhalde’s sayings: “They are inappropriate,” said Cafiero

The statements of former President Eduardo Duhalde, who last night said that next year there will be “legislative elections in the country and even suggested the possibility of a breakdown of the constitutional order, and his statements generated an energetic rejection of referents from across the political spectrum. , gave rise to responses from different sectors of politics.

“It is ridiculous that they think that next year there will be elections. Why are there going to be elections? We have a record, people do not know it or they forget: between 1930 and 1983 there were 14 military dictatorships, military presidents,” he said. Duhalde last night.

Immediately, Duhalde’s words began to generate repudiation from leaders of the different political forces on social networks. Santiago Cafiero himself, head of the Cabinet, stressed that “next year there will be elections” and regarding the former president’s statements, he said that “they are inappropriate.” Then he added: “I have great respect for the former president, we want to show that Argentina has decided to live in a democracy, to bet on the democratic regime and the cry of never again in the Alfonsín government was a flag.”

Later he argued that “it is important to highlight that all differences are settled in the democratic arena, as has happened last year. Even in a region where there were tumultuous movements on institutional quality, our country resolved to advance in the peaceful and democratic transition. Democracy is by no means in question. ” Finally “I rescue the statements of the Defense Minister (Agustín Rossi) who stated that the Armed Forces are integrated into the Argentine democratic regime.”

Meanwhile, from the ruling party, the Buenos Aires legislator Leandro Santoro said that Duhalde “lost his brakes” and said “a very serious thing” but, nevertheless, he considered that he does not believe that “there is evil” in his statements but that they are a reflection of ” a lack of personal balance ”.

From the opposition, the provincial deputy of Juntos por el Cambio, Daniel Lipovetzky considered Duhalde’s sayings “very serious” and added: “Especially because a former president says them. In Argentina there is no place for coups. enlightened antidemocratic would occur to him to try it, there we will be defending democracy, institutions and the celebration of elections “.

For the vice president of the block of deputies of the Frente de Todos, Cecilia Moreau, Duhalde “skidded badly” and stated on his Twitter account: “The Front of All came to take charge of putting Argentina on its feet. That little by little we will achieve, when all this happens there is light! “.

Meanwhile, the head of the Civic Coalition-ARI, Maximiliano Ferraro, described as “irresponsible, serious and reprehensible what was said by former President Duhalde”, and stated that “among all Argentines we must be united in non-violence and defend the empire of the National Constitution, guarantee the Republic and democracy “.

Leandro Santoro considered today that Duhalde said “a very serious thing, but I also believe that people cannot be judged by his worst phrase” and that “he was a better president than former president” and now “he sent the shit of his life and it is going to tarnish his political career ”.

Also, the national deputy of Together for Change Alvaro González was “surprised by the statements” of the former president and said that “we Argentines need some indication of what he is proposing before such a statement.”


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