Study: Women Are More Likely To Have Long Covid Than Men

Women are up to 22 percent more likely to have long-term COVID-19 than men.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — A recent study revealed that women are more likely to suffer from diabetes long Covid compared to men. The research results have been published in the journal Current Medical Research and Opinion.

According to research, women are 22 percent more at risk of developing the condition long Covid. A person is said to have long Covid if you still experience a number of symptoms of Covid-19 even though you are not infected with the corona virus.

Researchers have hypothesized that psychosocial and behavioral factors that influence gender-based differences are related to the impact of Covid-19. However, the new study predicts the difference may be related to biological conditions.

A number of studies have found that men are more likely to experience severe acute illness from Covid-19. In addition, recent research has shown that women are more likely to suffer long-term effects.

The study tracked several thousand other studies, including data on more than a million patients. In addition to differences in risk levels, the study found symptoms of: long Covid different between men and women.

In female patients who have long Covid, usually experience symptoms associated with ear, nose, and throat (ENT) and gastrointestinal disorders. Psychiatric/mood conditions can be affected, in addition to dermatological, neurological, and complications related to rheumatology, such as fatigue.

The series of symptoms are different from male patients with long Covid. Men are more likely to experience endocrine disorders and kidney complications. Researchers do not yet know the cause of the difference.

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The researchers hypothesized that the influence of social and cultural factors, such as occupations, was different between the two genders. It could also be due to gender-based disparities in access to acute health care.

Biological differences can also play a role in different conditions long Covid both genders. The immune response in a woman’s body that protects her from acute illness can actually strengthen dominance long Covid.

“Differences in immune system function between women and men could be an important driver of sex differences in the syndrome.” long Covidsaid the researchers in the study, quoted from page New AtlasWednesday (29/6/2022).

They explain that women promote faster and stronger innate and adaptive immune responses. It protects against infection and its initial severity, unfortunately makes women more susceptible to prolonged autoimmune-related diseases.

The problem highlighted in the new study is the lack of sex-disaggregated data in Covid-19 research. Most of the works reviewed in the study did not have that.

As a result, efforts to understand Covid-19 can be hampered, especially in developing more effective treatments. The study calls for the research world to focus on sex-specific data in future published studies.

There is a need for further large-scale research that includes gender as an analytical variable as well as reporting data by gender. Including, clinical trial protocols using specific methodologies.

“A thorough understanding of how sex biologically affects Covid-19 will have important implications for clinical management and mitigation strategies of this disease,” the researchers said.

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