Study: Working from home beneficial for productivity European game developers

For example, 82 percent of those surveyed say they are equally or more productive while working from home because of Covid-19 (via Games Industry).

Also, 83 percent say working from home saves money, and 73 percent cite a better work-life balance and 61 percent being able to spend more time with family as benefits of working from home. 79 percent of the participants also say they consider a career switch for better working conditions.

“Removing daily travel, the ability to spend more time with family, better coping with the challenges of parenthood and better work-life balance means people want to continue this progressive way of working,” concludes. business manager Liz Prince.

The pandemic has pushed several game studios to adapt working times and environments. For example, Eidos Montreal recently announced it would introduce four-day work weeks and publishers such as Ubisoft and Square Enix will allow employees to work from home permanently.

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