Sturgeon supports the new strategy of the Scottish independence movement

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The former chief minister Nicola Sturgeon has given his “unequivocal support” to the new strategy of the Scottish independence movement promoted by his successor and “protege”, Humza Yousaf. Sturgeon made a surprise appearance at the conference Scottish National Party (SNP) four months after having been arrested, and released without charge, for the investigation opened into the irregular financing of the party.

Sturgeon once proposed the failed plan for a second referendum, stopped by the Supreme Court. In exchange, he proposed converting the 2024 general elections as a “de facto referendum”, but he crashed again in the midst of his political fall, also caused by his promotion of the “trans” law that caused a deep division in Scotland.

After several months in the background, she returned to the fore and was received as a true star by her coreligionists, who paid tribute to the nine years in which she led the SNP and achieved the greatest electoral success in two decades. “I’m not the Liz Truss of nationalism,” she said in her political “retreat.”

“I think there is no doubt who is in charge of the party,” he said, referring to his successor Humza Yousaf, 38, the son of Pakistani immigrants, who made his debut as leader at the national party conference. Aberdeen and he saved the day with the call for unity to support his new independence strategy, with ostensible variations on its predecessor.

Instead of putting a date on the horizon for a second sovereignty consultation, after the one held in 2014 in which the permanence in the United Kingdom expired for the 55% al 45% of the vote, Humza Yousaf proposed as a goal to achieve a majority in Scotland in the 2024 general elections and use that result as a “mandate” to demand the holding of a new referendum to the British Government (transferring powers to the Scottish Parliament).

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