Subaru changes the concepts of family vehicles with its new four-wheel drive

Subaru revealed the new Outback, which it designed to be a practical family car and a powerful and technologically advanced four-wheel drive at the same time.

Outback got a new design for the headlights, and distinctive black plastic frames placed on the sides of the front end and around the wheel pods, and it was also equipped with a distinctive tailgate with a small air wing to increase stability on rough roads.

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The car gained a more powerful appearance thanks to some modifications made to its exterior design and thanks to its wide and large wheels. It was also equipped with special rails on its roof to carry bags and luggage.


As for the interior, the car was designed to provide the best standards of modern technology, as it got a large touch screen in the middle of the driving interface that works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems to pair with phones wirelessly, and it was also equipped with an interior mirror that can be used to display the images taken by the vehicle’s rear cameras.

Subaru changes the concepts of family vehicles with its new four-wheel drive

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The car has cameras and sensors for front and rear distances, and a camera installed under the interior mirror to be able to identify pedestrians and bikes on the roads and to spare the car sudden accidents. Even when traveling at speeds up to 80 km/h.

Subaru will offer it with 2.5-liter engines with 185 horsepower, and 2.4-liter turbocharged engines with 264 horsepower, and the gearboxes will work with front and all-wheel drive systems.

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