Subaru Forester "shed" Land Cruiser on off-road snow: AvtoMedia: VladTime


Japanese cross fought off-road SUV on snow-covered off-road.

Experts from the Flint-VRN YouTube channel have brought two SUVs and a crossover to a winter test drive: the British Range Rover in top configuration, the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser and Subaru Forester. All off-road abilities of these obzorschiki cars told on the pages of your blog.

Initially, a top Range Rover was taken to the winter test drive, which without any problem dropped from a steep hill, but the British managed to climb the slide only after several attempts, after accelerating. Subaru Forester easily got off the mountain and drove to the hill the second time – the "Japanese" weighs less than the Range Rover.

Trigger descent and Subaru Forester, and Range Rover passed without interference. Also in this test did not disappoint and "Kruzak". Land, very snow-covered, Range Rover is difficult to overcome, and if there is still soil under the snow, further acceleration is needed.

The Subaru Forester performed well on snow-covered ground, and only when climbing up a hill was the crossover caught, but not for a long time – in the first gear the "Japanese" conquered this height. Toyota Land Cruiser was not able to climb the hill, because of its mass, the ovary was still at the start of the journey. "Subaru" drove where "Kruzak" could not, so he "dedicated" it to battle.

Dmitry Pavlichko




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