Submitter: “Stop giving Astra Zeneca vaccine to us over 65”

A printout from Dagens Nyheter, 2021-06-17 06:51

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State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell at the Swedish Public Health Agency has, despite reports of blood clots, so far maintained that the benefits of giving Astra Zeneca’s vaccine to people over the age of 65 outweigh.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR. The public health authority should give the elderly a date when they themselves have the opportunity to choose which vaccine they want to receive covid-19. Stop giving Astra Zeneca vaccine to us who are over 65 years old, writes doctor Jaroslava Lander.

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How much longer will the Swedish Public Health Agency continue with “its own race” to only offer 65-plus Astra Zeneca vaccines and categorically deny us significantly better and more effective mRNA vaccines?

This question is of great public interest and should therefore be answered by those responsible without delay. At the same time, give us a date when you stop offering only Astra Zeneca’s vaccine.

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