Successfully Wins “A Thousand Flash Sale” Samsung Official Shop on Shopee, but Orders Are Left Canceled Automatically Without Processing

As usual Shopee holds every month event promotions. Incidentally this June Shopee held a event with the headline 7.7 Mega Elektronik Sale. On June 20, 2022 at 00.00, there will be a “Serba Seribu” promo for the Samsung A03s 4/64, which normally costs around Rp. 1,799,000, you can buy it for only Rp. 1,000 (only 5 pieces in stock).

Thank God, I was the one who was able to get the Samsung A03s with the order number: 220620ACNM9R8A. After a day, the order has not been processed. The Samsung admin said that later in a maximum of 2 working days, the goods must be sent.

However, after 2 days, the order status has not changed either. I’m still patient, the initiative to extend the warranty period to send 3 days, until the maximum delivery deadline is June 25, 2022. Eh, June 25 also passed and finally on June 26, 2022 at 00.00 there was a notification in the Shopee application “Your order was canceled by the system because the seller not processing…”

I called through chatSamsung is just “sorry can’t send the goods, don’t worry about the funds being fully refunded…” and give vouchers apology IDR 10,000 wkwkwk . This is not a question of funds, where is the commitment?!

I checked at the same time the A03s product page that was included flash sale, restock item 5 pieces. Means all winners (five) are cancelled. CRITICAL!!! Where is Samsung’s professionalism, as a store with Official status and Shopee Mall? Cannot serve customers well.

That’s not the wrong price, you know, it’s an official flash sale, why can’t you cancel and not process the order? PHPit’s too late! Shopee has also been contacted, but they seem to be throwing responsibilities at each other. He said it was right seller Well, do you want to send it or not! Why? This event which make are you, Shopee!!

Cirebon, West Java

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