“Successor Surface Duo smartphone gets a foldable screen”

The Surface Duo from Microsoft is a foldable smartphone that has two separate screens with a hinge in between. According to the latest rumors, Microsoft is now working on a successor that is equipped with one large folding screen instead of two separate screens.

The website Windows Central claims that Microsoft will switch to a foldable screen with the next Surface smartphone. Microsoft already had a Surface Duo 3 design with two separate screens ready, but the manufacturer would now have scrapped this design. The canceled Surface Duo 3 was supposed to be announced at the end of this year, but with the redesign of the smartphone, chances are we’ll have to wait a lot longer now. The decision to give the smartphone a different design is said to be a result of the mixed reactions to the Surface Duo 2.

A new release schedule and specifications of the foldable smartphone have not yet been leaked. Sources do say that the screen of the Surface Duo can be folded 180 degrees. It is also not clear whether the new Surface smartphone will retain the Duo name, as the smartphone no longer has two separate screens.

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