“Such quarantine does not exist”: Esteban Santos

President Iván Duque announced this Tuesday that Preventive isolation will run until August 1. However, clarified that progress will continue in the reactivation of economic sectors. For example, municipalities with a low impact by COVID-19 may request pilot tests to reopen gyms and theaters.

And those who have been badly affected will be able to apply for restaurant pilots. The president, however, reiterated that bars and nightclubs will remain closed.

As soon as Duque made the announcement, Esteban Santos Rodríguez, youngest son of former president Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, wrote the following sentence on Twitter: “¡¡That such quarantine does not exist!”.

Santos Rodríguez’s words refer to the most famous phrase during the government of his father (2010-2018). Santos Calderón himself has acknowledged that saying it was the second biggest mistake of his mandate (the first, according to him, was having called a plebiscite for peace).

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Exactly, on August 25, 2013, the then president said the following after taking a helicopter tour: “Such a national agricultural strike does not exist. There are some agrarian sectors, in some departments, that have legitimate claims. “And he even went so far as to say that there were infiltrators.

The phrase gave his popularity a serious blow. He tried to qualify his words (“When I say that the strike is not a national agrarian strike, it is because it is concentrated in a few departments and on certain products,” he wrote that same day on Twitter), but these ended up provoking much more to the protesters of the national strike agrarian, who came out with much more force to protest on the roads.

And now, almost seven years later, many still remember her to poke fun at everyday situations.


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