Sudan: discovery of treatment for rare cancer


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Discovery of rare cancer treatment from the Nile site, Saturday 10 November 2018.

Scientists from the Dana-Farber American Institute for Cancer Research have discovered molecular targets in malignant tumor cells for two types of cancer

Cancer is not curable

According to MedicalXpress, synovial sarcoma (a rare type of soft tissue tumor commonly found in young people) and tumors of children under 2 years of age affect the brain, kidneys and other organs of the body.
The researchers found that the development of synovial sarcoma and pediatric tumors was caused by the reconstitution of chromatin in the ncBAF compound, which regulates the activity of a number of genes and plays an important role in the packaging of chromatin, which is a chromosome composed of DNA, RNA and proteins.

The researchers also discovered the presence of BRD9 and GLTSCR1 in the ncBAF compound, which are unique subunits not found in similar compounds.

The inhibition of these units with the help of auxiliary compounds prevents the division and proliferation of malignant cells and therefore slows the progression of the disease.

Scientists hope their findings will help devise new methods for treating synovial sarcoma and pediatric tumors.

Russia today

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