Sudan: Watasab has the expected advantage for iPhone users


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Watasab presents its expected benefit to iPhone users from the Nileline site on Saturday 10 November 2018.

Enter the Instant Messaging app and set the new "Holiday" feature in its beta update for the famous iOS smartphones.

Wattasab has been officially and publicly updated in the last hours, including some of the most important updates and new features that the most popular application in the world has been announced in recent months, according to the British newspaper Mirror.
The service now has an update to the horizon that satisfies many people, namely the ability to properly ignore group conversations, called "holiday" mode.
At the moment, group chats can be ignored, which means that they do not send notifications to users when new messages arrive, but remain as "unread" both in the main window and in the app icon itself.
The application is testing the "vacation" mode, which can be set by the services available to Wattab users in the past period, and Wattab is testing the connectivity of accounts to social networking sites Facebook and Instagram.

The "Holiday" mode ensures that all chats are saved and archived even when new messages arrive, until the user returns to normal.

This is designed to provide the highest levels of convenience for application users, who count more than a billion people around the world during the holidays.

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