Suddenly Rich in Coins of Rp. 500, Exchanged for Rp. 750 thousand at Commercial Banks, BI Gives Actual Official Explanation

BI / Shopee

Left coins that are valued at Rp. 750 thousand. Right still Rp 500

MOTOR – Money from the start coin or coin Rp. 500 a lot of rings are made because they are considered the color like gold.

Suddenly rich in money coin Rp 500 was exchanged for Rp 750 thousand at a commercial bank, BI gave an official explanation so that it wouldn’t be wrong.

Well, for motorists, you can pay motorbike installments and monthly routine services.

There’s a video circulating on TikTok saying money coin IDR 500 jasmine pictures can be exchanged for money worth IDR 750,000.

The video posted by the TikTok account @arumhajj immediately went viral on social media.

In the video there is an invitation to immediately exchange money coin IDR 500 jasmine pictures with Rp 750,000 in a commercial bank.

“Quickly Exchange Money Coin This is valued at IDR 750,000 thousand in commercial banks even though the circulation has been revoked by BI,” the account wrote.

From the screenshot, you can see the picture coin yellow with the words ‘1990, Bank Indonesia’.

Still in the video shows a collection of money coin Rp 500 yellow color accompanied by a narration: “Let’s hurry and exchange it to BI,” said the account.

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