Sudio T2 review, TWS headphones, smooth design with impressive sound quality at a not very strong price

Sudio is an environmentally conscious brand. By joining hands with Carbon Footprint Ltd and donating items to environmental conservation networks in various countries. As for their equipment will focus on the sound of both speakers and wireless headphones The latest is the Sudio T2, TWS wireless headphones with sound features, beamforming microphones, support for noise cancellation, ANC and a battery that lasts for a total of 35 hours.

Headphone and case design
The case is round like an oval and the flip opener is at the top. But the standout will be on the surface of the case. because it is a matte finish and when you touch it, you will feel the softness of your hand On the back is a USB Type-C port for charging the battery. with a push button to view the battery status light Later, under the machine there is a button for turning on the battery status light. and on the right is a hanging cable

The headphones will be TWS style, divided into 2 sides, left and right, no wires to connect to both sides and are in-ear designs, which have silicone tips for a firmer fit. There are also 3 sizes of silicone tips to choose from. If the holder is included, there are 4 sizes (L, M, S, XS). The Sudio T2 headphones are comfortable to wear, don’t hurt your ears, and have been tested. More than 400 ear shapes

The connection will support devices running operating systems including Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Linux by connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.2. The connection is paired mode. You can turn on Bluetooth at the device to connect at all. After taking the headphones out of the case

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sound system
The sound system is well made. suitable for listening to music With an 8 mm dynamic sound driver, it has not been modified, making the sound clear and realistic. clear music As for the bass, it’s loud enough. but not heavy and the bass vibrates at the end In terms of using movies and watching series, there is no problem. But playing the game may have a slight delay. The main point of Sudio T2 is that there is no app control. making it impossible to adjust the music

ANC noise cancellation
Sudio T2 is equipped with ANC noise cancellation and real-time spectrum analysis. before the outside noise reaches his ears. From the test, there was a certain level of noise cancellation. but still could hear a few people talking outside. (Testing without playing music) As for turning on ANC, you have to press and hold the left or right headphones until there is a wind sound, but there is still a point to notice that there is no app that says it’s in mode. and there is no notification sound

Beamforming microphone system
Inside the Sudio T2 headphones comes with a built-in microphone. This is a beamforming microphone system that works by bringing sound waves to process digital signals. Then it will be analyzed. and reduce the noise, reduce the noise around allowing us to hear the voices spoken more clearly The microphone has two positions, the first being the sound receiver. and the other is our speech receptor.

command by touch
On the side of the Sudio T2 headphones will support touch commands. make it convenient for each other to order without having to pick up the connected device

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left side
Press 1 time = stop the music playing
Press twice = go back to previous song
Press 3 times = volume down

right side
Press 1 time = stop the music playing
Press 2 times = go to the next song
Press 3 times = volume up

when there is an incoming call (press any side)
Press 1 time = answer the call
Press and hold for 3 seconds = Hold or hang up

waterproof standard
Sudio T2 has a splash resistant coating. and resistant to sweat which users can wear Sudio T2 headphones while exercising on land

The Sudio’s battery life is up to 35 hours, which is the usage including charging from the case and headphones. It can be used for up to 7.5 hours, while charging will be charged via the USB Type-C port on the case and can be charged in just 10 minutes, it can be used for up to 2 hours.

Price and purchase
Sudio T2 will be available in 4 colors: green, white, black, and orange (all in soft tones), priced at 4,190 baht. You can buy and see more information at the link here.


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