Sued for Divorce by Wife, Dedi Mulyadi Writes A Touching Message For The Princess

Ane Ratna’s Love Journey with Dedi Mulyadi. Instagram @dedimulyadi71 Β©2022 – Unfavorable news comes from members of the Indonesian House of Representatives Dedi Mulyadi. He was reportedly sued for divorce by his wife who is also the Regent of Purwakarta Anne Ratna Mustika.

In the midst of the hectic divorce issue, Dedi was seen uploading a moment of togetherness with his youngest daughter, Nyi Hyang Sukma Ayu. Even through the caption, Dedi wrote a touching message for the princess.

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Launching from the Instagram account dedimulyadi71, Friday (23/9), see the following information review.

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Write Touching Message

Dedi Mulyadi wrote a touching message for his youngest daughter, Nyi Hyang Sukma Ayu. This message was written by him in the midst of the hotly discussed divorce issue.

dedi mulyadi wrote a touching message for the princess

Instagram dedimulyadi71 Β©2022

“Nyi Hyang always makes me happy, her behavior is getting funnier, her words always make me laugh,” he wrote in the caption of the photo.

“I love you, my youngest daughter,” the lid.

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Best Prayer Flood

Dedi Mulyadi’s touching message for his youngest daughter became widely discussed. Various comments flooded the upload. The wider community is praying for the best for Dedi Mulyadi’s family.

“When we rise (position / position), the wind will be very hard hit, let’s go down a little so we can step on the ground… Tired of floating, Kang Ded…πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Mugia tips,” write account erwinmoron_official.

“Hopefully, Kang Dedi’s family will stay in harmony. And sakinah mawaddah warohmah.. Many people pray that there will be a win-win solution so that Kang Dedi’s family will remain harmonious.. Amen,” write al_adhima account.

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“Healthy next pahaji πŸ™Œ,” write firbifirenzaa_ account.

“Masyaallaaaaah may his family be given a harmonious and lasting strength,” wrote the arofahsiti47508 account.

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Sued for Divorce Wife

going to divorce take a peek at the portrait of memories of togetherness anne ratna and dedi mulyadi

Β©2022 Instagram @dedimulyadi71

The issue of Dedi Mulyadi’s divorce with Anne Ratna Mustika was widely circulated because it was seen on the Purwakarta Religious Court website. Launching from Liputan6. om, the site lists a divorce lawsuit with registration number 1662/Pdt.G/2022/PA.Pwk.

With the plaintiff on behalf of Hj Anne Ratna Mustika and the defendant on behalf of H Dedi Mulyadi.

Ambu Anne’s lawsuit was recorded on 19 September 2022 and will only undergo its first trial on Wednesday 5 October 2022. This has also been confirmed by Public Relations of the Purwakarta Religious Court, Asep Kustiwa.


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