Suella Braverman is emerging as the tough alternative to Sunak

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The Secretary of the Interior Suella Braverman has taken advantage of her stellar appearance in the Conservative Party conference in Manchester to emerge as the alternative of the hard wing of the tories. Braverman has not hesitated to cry out against the “hurricane” of the arrival of irregular immigrants to the United Kingdom, a week after his controversial speech in Washington in which he openly proclaimed that “multiculturalism has failed” and that “uncontrolled immigration is an existential threat to the West.”

All the spotlights were pointed towards Braverman on the penultimate day of a tumultuous congress marked by the renewed internal struggles of the tories and by the stumbles of Rishi Sunak, accused among his own coreligionists of “cancel the future” (due to the possible suspension of the high-speed train to Manchester).

Braverman took advantage of the uproar to reaffirm his tough line on immigration, defend the deportations to Rwanda and threaten the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights, in what analysts already describe as a second Brexit.

The Home Secretary defended herself against the criticism leveled at her for her speech in Washington (including those from Sunak himself) and assured that her anathema against multiculturalism – during her time in the think tank of the far-right American Enterprise Institute – was “misinterpreted.”

“Uncontrolled immigration, inadequate integration and the mistaken dogma of multiculturalism has been a toxic combination for Eurorpa in recent decades,” Braverman went on to say, qualifying his statements as he passed through Manchester: “We have a large multiethnic society and in many parts of the country integration has worked.

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