Suggestions from Heloise: precautions for pets


Dear readers: How can we keep our pets safe around our Christmas decorations? Here are some suggestions:

● Plants live like holly and mistletoe can be swallowed and cause stomach upset. Artificial plants are a better bet.

● Do not hang glittery tinsel. It takes light, but cats also like to take it and could swallow it, which can cause digestive problems.

● Make sure the Christmas tree is safe and can not be knocked over and fall on your pets.

● Real candles are an accident waiting to happen: look for candles without flame.

● Be vigilant for scattered wires and broken glass ornaments.

Fun and safety for the holidays for your pets can go together!

Post scriptum Fatty, spicy, rich, sweetened foods and alcohol are unhealthy and should be kept away from pets.

Dear readers: Tina F., via email, sent a picture of her Sargent – a mix of dachshund and poodle ("doodle"?). He is 4 years old and he is jealous; Tina's husband can not even hug her! To see Sargent and our other animal friends, visit and click on "Pet of the Week".

Dear Heloise: When my mother was older and lived alone, she had an excellent idea of ​​safety. He went to the used store and bought a pair of used 16 or 18-size tennis shoes.

He got them dirty and left them on the porch outside his door. Anyone who saw them would hesitate before disturbing it.

Jim B., Dana Point, California

Jim B .: Brilliant! A hug Heloise is in order!

Dear Heloise: My wife and I like going out for an appointment with a classy restaurant. Lately, we have been "serenaded" by the screams of at least one or more young children.

I suggested to the management that when families come with children, they should put them in the back area of ​​the restaurant, away from the rest of the diners.

They tell me they can not do it. What can we do?

Robin and Diane M., Riverside, California.

Robin and Diane M .: Perhaps a call to a district manager could give solutions. Readers?

Dear Heloise: I have a sure way to cut onions without tears: before starting to cut onions, wear swimming goggles. I do not mind looking a little silly because I have no tears!

T.L., Omaha

Dear readers: Do you need a bit of fun for the holidays? Perhaps a visit to these places is in order:

● Garland, Tex.

● Santa Claus, Ind.

● Eggnog, Utah

● Partridge, Kan.

Do not you hear it? Go to Humbug, Arizona!

Dear Heloise: I have another use for baking soda. I take yoga classes in the water at the local community center, and I noticed that my hair had a build up. When I opted for a haircut, the beautician told me it was chlorine.

He told me to add a bit of baking soda to my shampoo. I did, and no more the accumulation of chlorine. Coloring my hair, and it did not affect it.

Maryann G., via email

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