Sugianto murder brain worker pretends to be possessed to persuade the executors. Page all

JAKARTA, – The police revealed new facts in the shooting case that killed a shipping businessman, Sugianto (51) in the Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta on August 13, 2020.

This was revealed when the police carried out reconstruction in two different locations, namely Polda Metro Jaya and Ruko Royal Gading Square, North Jakarta, Tuesday (25/8/2020).

One of the reconstruction scenes is about NL (34), the victim employee who was the mastermind of the shooting. NL had pretended to be possessed by her late parents.

“NL pretended to be possessed, was possessed by the spirit of his father and told all the suspects that they had to comply. Finally they complied with the murder,” said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Yusri Yunus, as quoted by Kompas TV, Tuesday.

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Yusri explained that the 12 suspects generally knew each other. They are students of NL parents.

However, Yusri did not explain what the NL parents taught.

“The perpetrators are both (familiar), because they were very reluctant from NL’s late parents who were teachers of the suspects,” he said.

NL attempted to pretend to be possessed by the suspects while he was planning to kill the victim at a hotel in the Cibubur area.

“In that trance (the spirit of NL’s parents) said that the victim should be executed because he had hurt his child,” he said.

Previously, the police arrested 12 suspected shooters of Sugianto on Saturday (21/8/2020). They have the initials NL, R alias M, DM alias M, SY, S, MR, AJ, DW, R, RS, TH and SP.

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Of the 12 suspects, one of them was a female employee with the initials NL.

Based on the investigation, the motive for the murder was because NL was hurt and embezzled corporate taxes.

At that time, NL planned a murder by asking for the help of her husband R alias M. R and then looking for a murder syndicate group with an agreement to pay Rp 200 million.

After careful planning, they executed Sugianto who was shot in front of the Royal Gading Square shop.

The shooting was not far from his office, when the victim was about to return home for lunch.

The victim was shot from behind five times by one of the perpetrators.

The victim died at the scene. The shooting was recorded by CCTV cameras around the location.

In the CCTV video footage, you can see the perpetrator wearing a hat and jacket and a mask coming towards the victim.

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The perpetrator who was already dealing with the victim pretended to pass and turn around.

At that moment, the perpetrator aimed the gun and shot at the back of the victim’s head.

However, the victim at that time was still conscious and then ran. The perpetrator then chased the victim.

The crime scene results showed that the police found five bullet casings in the vicinity.

The results of the post mortem showed that the victim had five gunshot wounds to the body and head.

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Three bullets hit the chest and abdomen. While two bullets hit his head.

The police had briefly sketched the faces of the two executors based on witness testimony around the location.


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