Suitable for WFH, Reality C15 Becomes New Pride in the Class of Rp. 2 million

Jakarta, Cellular.ID – In the new normal era, the need for a smartphone that can do everything but has a long-lasting battery is a necessity. Although some workers are able to work in an office with strict health regulations, there are still workers who still carry out work activities at home.

Not only workers, students are also required to continue learning even when they are at home. The new school year had indeed begun in the middle of last month and there were some who had already carried out teaching and learning activities in schools.

But students in hundreds of districts that are still in the yellow, orange and red zones must continue to study online from home. In order to learn online and discuss with friends smoothly and not be delayed just because the smartphone battery runs out, a large-battery smartphone is perfect for them.

A few days ago, Realme launched the C15 series as a smartphone carrying a 6000mah mega battery and for the first time a battery of that size was paired with 18W Quick Charge.

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Usually, smartphones with large batteries that are equipped with quick charges have a high price. But this does not happen in the C15 realm where the smallest memory version of 3GB + 64GB only has a price tag of Rp1,999,000. With these prices, of course, the C15 Realme is ready to become the new belle and become the first choice in the price range of Rp2 million.

The reality seemed to hear their needs and immediately answered it by launching the C15 realm with a 6000mAh mega battery combination that is not uncommon in its class. Realme C15 has a large 6000mAh battery which users can use without stopping, whenever they want and whatever their activities. According to Realme, C15 Realme can be used for approximately 2 days without having to be charged.

Through the C15 Realm, realm wants to give users a more maximal experience in enjoying their smartphone without having to fear running out of battery.

The C15 Realme is equipped with the world’s first 18W Quick Charge on smartphones with large batteries in the entry-level segment. The existence of 18W Quick Charge will provide fast charging support to cut smartphone charging time so that users with mobility rarely encounter plugs. 18W Quick Charge on the C15 realm can charge up to 25% in 30 minutes.

So the new prima donna, the C15 Realme is also the first C-series realm smartphone to carry an Ultra-Wide Quad Camera configuration that is capable of capturing photos with a wide field of view. Also present Nightscape Mode is able to make the user’s nighttime photos become brighter.

Thanks to all the excellence in its segment, the C15 realm has sold 5,000 units since it was launched. Interested in owning this smartphone but missed the flash sale yesterday? Just relax, the C15 realm will be coming soon to the Authorized Offline Store realm throughout Indonesia on August 1. Present in two Marine Blue & Seagull Silver color choices, the C15 realm can be obtained starting from Rp1,999,000.

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