Sultan Al-Tarab, George Wassouf, was expelled from Holland for a shocking reason..a famous artist reveals the hidden.!

A famous Arab artist revealed the news of the expulsion of the great artist George Wassouf from the Netherlands, after a move that some considered a provocation to the country because of his party on Eid al-Fitr.

According to Abdelkader Manala, George Wassouf’s concert in the Netherlands on May 7th caused a campaign against him calling for the expulsion of Sultan Al-Tarab from the country.

Abdel-Qader said that George’s concert coincides with Independence Day in the Netherlands, noting that this matter is highly provocative, especially because of Al-Wasouf’s political views.

He added that the price of the ticket at his party ranges between 160 and 200 dollars, and therefore the Dutch government will raise question marks about the people who will attend the party, who are refugees and Arabs, some of whom the government provides permanent assistance to.

Abdel Qader talked about preventing George from entering Germany and that he was not given the necessary visa, pointing out that there is a campaign to stop the visa that was given to him to enter the Netherlands.

He pointed out that the organizers of the ceremony will also be under the spotlight, especially because of his political stances, which are linked to the Ukrainian war, as his statements became the focus of the security authorities’ attention.

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