Sumar demands from the PSOE that the recognition of the Palestinian State by Spain is in the Government agreement

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Sumar has demanded that the PSOE include the recognition of the Palestinian State by Spain among the points of the agreement for the reissue of the coalition at the head of La Moncloa. Furthermore, the formation of Yolanda Díaz is “one of the first measures” adopted by the new central Executive after its constitution, which they take for granted.

“In 2014, Congress urged the Government to recognize Palestine. Several statements have been made, but until now this recognition has never been carried out while waiting for there to be a common position of the European Union,” he argued this Monday. Ernest Urtasunparty spokesperson.

In Sumar they believe that “the time has come for Spain to recognize the Palestinian State unilaterally, unconditionally and urgently as an essential contribution to the resolution of the conflict and peace” given the difficulty of the Twenty-seven being able to adopt a unanimous position on the matter. Likewise, they point out that it would not be the only country to take this step because “Sweden and Greece have already recognized it individually.”

“We have already conveyed, we have been doing so for some days, to the PSOE that this appears clearly and unequivocally in the next Government agreement,” said Urtasun, who has not specified what response they have obtained from his interlocutor on this point. In this regard, he has only added that they urge their partners to “realize a debt that we Spaniards also owe to the Palestinians to make a key contribution to peace.”

Negotiation sources point out that this request has been systematically included in all the draft agreements that Yolanda Díaz’s team has sent to Pedro Sánchez’s team since the end of August and that it has always been deleted in the documents they have received back. .

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