Sumar minimizes the criticism of Podemos and IU for the excessive control of Yolanda Díaz: "Decisions are made by consensus"

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It is no longer one, but two. Podemos and IU, the two largest organizations that make up Sumar, have raised their voices against Yolanda Díaz’s excessive control in decision-making and demand measures to “democratize” the governance of the coalition. Faced with this criticism, Sumar defends himself and minimizes the discomfort of his partners: “We have always made decisions by consensus, in a democratic manner, and that will continue to be the case.”

This was stated by Sumar’s spokesperson, Ernest Urtasun, in the usual Monday press conference, which has been marked by the complaints with which Izquierda Unida closed last week, when Alberto Garzón spoke before the Federal Coordinator of his organization the anger at the decisions taken “without dialogue” and “unilaterally” by Díaz.

This feeling of IU has great relevance because it is no longer just Podemos that complains, but rather the one that has been a strategic and faithful ally during the construction of Sumar and in contrast to the belligerent and frontist attitude that the purple party had adopted since more than half a year before the culmination of the electoral alliance.

Sumar disavows his partners, in this case IU, and assures that decisions have been made under consensus and dialogue. “We will also expand our capacity to make these decisions as we build Sumar,” Urtasun apologized.

But the truth is that there is a before and after within the coalition since the deputy spokespersons were appointed in Congress. Which is no longer the position itself, but rather the ability that this appointment gives to have a signature with which to register parliamentary initiatives and participate in the meetings of the Board of Spokespersons. Podemos (five deputies) and IU (five) were left without any of the three deputy spokespersons, who went to the common (cinco), commitment (two and The Aragonese Desert (a). Instead, Sumar was assigned the presidency of the group (Yolanda Díaz), the main spokesperson (Martha Lois) and the general secretary (Txema Guijarro).

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