Sumar places the reduction of the working day as the main obstacle to a government agreement with the PSOE

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Sumar has assured that the government agreement with the PSOE has not yet been finalized and that the main obstacle to unblocking it is the reduction of the working day and they have insisted that if the socialists are open to cutting it, the rest of the issues are easier to solve. to fit in.

They have indicated that the PSOE does not want to be open to this proposal, but they do not clarify whether they would be satisfied if the agreement reflected a reduction to 37.5 hours per week in the status of workerswhich is what most collective agreements and the public sector have established.

In any case, the negotiations are “moving forward”, stressed Sumar’s spokesperson, Ernest Urtasunin a press conference at Espacio Rastro, while the PSOE assumes that the agreement is imminent.

Urtasun has repeated that apart from cutting the number of working hours, controlling rental prices or increasing the minimum wage to 1,500 euros is also “nuclear” for them.

Other Sumar sources have indicated that the bank tax, free schooling for ages 0 to 3, and eight-week paid leave for the care of minors or dependents, among other things, are practically closed.

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