Sumar’s negotiator affirms that the pact with Junts will be closed "in the next few hours, at most tomorrow": "I don’t see any obstacles"

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The negotiator appointed by Sumar for the negotiations with the pro-independence parties stated this Monday that the agreement for Junts to vote in favor of the re-election of Pedro Sánchez as president will be closed and will be communicated “in the next few hours, tomorrow at the latest.” “Right now I don’t see any major obstacle so that the agreement can be signed and we can have an investiture this week,” he stated. Jaume Asens.

In an interview on TVE, the interlocutor appointed by Yolanda Díaz for matters related to Catalonia has indicated that they are “reaching the goal” and that “it is true that, sometimes, in the final stretch you can have scares”, but that ” We must send a message of optimism and trust”: “We are seeing how the right is shaking up coexistence (…) and although they are going to want to draw an apocalyptic scenario and social alarm, I believe that citizens are mature enough to realize that it is just overacting and that despite this there will be a new coalition government and this legislature will be able to start moving.

On Friday, Asens had indicated that the “disagreement” on the part of the negotiating teams of the PSOE and Carles Puigdemont was “very localized in one or two points” of the amnesty for those involved in the illegal 1-O referendum that ” discretion” that he did not want to reveal. This Monday he indicated that the fine print of the text that will regulate the application of this grace measure is being “fine-tuned” so that “there is no ambiguity” and that “judges do not impose their will on the legislator and limit themselves to applying the law.” .

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