Sumar’s negotiator with the independentists: "It is impossible that there is no agreement"

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Sumar’s negotiator with the pro-independence parties, who claims to be “informed” of the conversations that the PSOE is having with Junts, has sent a “message of optimism” because he is “fully convinced” that Carles Puigdemont’s party will end up supporting the investiture of Pedro Sánchez despite the fact that the pact was not closed this Thursday as planned. “It is impossible for there to be no agreement,” he stated emphatically. Jaume Asens.

In an interview on TVE, the interlocutor appointed by Yolanda Díaz for matters related to Catalonia explained that “the discrepancy is very localized in one or two points” of the amnesty law that out of “discretion” he did not want to reveal. However, it has confirmed that they have nothing to do with the inclusion of the self-determination referendum or with the extension of this measure of grace to the former president of the Parliament Laura Borràs, convicted of prevarication and falsification of documents: “That is not the problem , as far as I know”.

Asens has detailed that the text agreed by the PSOE with ERC is the same one that has also been negotiated with Puigdemont. “One of the two parties has already given its approval and now the other party needs to give it. The difference is that Junts wanted to go a little further because it considers that there are a series of things in the socialist proposal that are not ambitious enough as they expect,” he said.

According to Sumar’s representative, this negotiation has been “a competition for prominence between the different actors” and he understands that “from the outside” it may seem that there is now a rivalry “over who gets the medal first”: “But I know In the negotiations, I have to tell you that the difficulty is real, that there are a couple of articles that are not being reached to an agreement. And I believe that there is a will on the part of the parties to bring positions closer together.

Using a sports simile, Asens said that “this has been a very long marathon” and that they are “in the last meters.” “It is true that we cannot trust ourselves absolutely, because sometimes one is about to reach the goal and one’s strength fails, one can stumble… But the difference is so small that I think we will see in the next few hours, perhaps in the coming days, how that agreement will be reached,” he concluded.

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