Summary 6 .. Egypt begins production of plastic money in the administrative capital 2020 – the seventh day


The seventh day of the last hours published a series of important news and reports, the first of which is the beginning of the production of plastic coins in the typography of the Central Bank in the administrative capital in 2020, the reception of the president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the head of American intelligence, Per Ahli.

The following is a summary of the news from Egypt for the sixth hour of the evening.

"The seventh day" has informed the sources that the Central Bank of Egypt will start the production of some Egyptian currency categories "Egyptian Pound" in the form of plastic money in 2020 by the new Central Bank of Egypt. Press in the new administrative capital.

President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi met today with Daniel Coates, head of the US National Intelligence Service, in the presence of Major General Abbas Kamel, head of general intelligence, and of the US ambassador in charge of the Cairo.

Brigadier Khaled al-Husseini, the official spokesman for the new administrative capital, announced the completion of the assignment of about 1,600 acres for the implementation of the diplomatic quarter and embassies, underlining that it was occupied and coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and receiving foreign delegations, emphasizing that so far the administrative capital company has received about 50 requests from embassies and foreign parties and diplomatic missions to establish their administrative units.

The Directorate General of the Procurement and Commerce Police, in coordination with the Department of Supply Investigation of various security departments, has launched several large-scale commercial campaigns to control commercial fraud, particularly food products unfit for human consumption.

The media center of the Council of Ministers revealed in its periodic report to monitor the rumors that 8 items would spread in four days from 1 to 4 December.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced on Tuesday that the volume of foreign exchange reserves rose to 44.513 billion dollars at the end of November 2018 compared to 44.501 billion dollars at the end of October 2018, an increase of about 12 Millions of dollars.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education will continue to prepare the first-level test for first-degree general secondary school students who start on 13 January and end on the 24th of the same month.

The administration of the Egyptian international school in Sheikh Zayed has announced the opening of the new academic year 20192020 according to the following conditions.

President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi today received Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aerospace Industries, producer of war aircraft Rafal, in the presence of General Mohamed Zaki, Minister of Defense and military production, and General Abbas Kamel, head of # 39; general intelligence.

The dott. Mohamed Al-Assar, Minister of Military Production during the Exhibition of Military and Defense Industries "Edex 2018", presented a practical and typical example of a mobile "activity flame" in the exhibition through multiple and continuous meetings with the guests of the exhibition .

Khaled Salah has confirmed that he is confident of the innocence of the hospital 57357, which was attributed to him by malicious accusations during the last period, including speculation with funds of donations on the stock exchange or waste of these funds in the salaries of relatives of senior hospital staff, or conducting clinical trials on patients, Social solidarity in a comprehensive report after lengthy investigations and a complete overhaul of all hospital documents took five months.

After a series of protests, revolted and directed in France by the "yellow jackets", the government of the French prime minister Edouard Philippe has canceled the decision on fuel prices, announcing a six month tax hike in an attempt to contain the wave of anger that left dozens injured in prolonged clashes. Between security and demonstrators.

The Israeli occupation army announced today that it has launched a large-scale military operation along the Lebanese border, dubbed "North Shield" for the tunnels allegedly dug by Hezbollah in Israel.

Mona El-Prince, a university professor separated from the University of the Suez Canal, used to stir up controversy in the media through various events: the latest announcement was that she had met Israeli Ambassador David Juffairin in the latest hours to confirm that he was not looking for fame. Look for his interest.

The Egyptian Fatwa House answered a question from one of the citizens and responded during a live broadcast through the official Egyptian Fatwa House page on the social network site "Facebook" regarding the decision to finance the purchase of the car from the bank.

He started his life from scratch to become one of the biggest book owners in Sohag Governorate, initially he created educational tools, models and brides in his home and gradually began to distribute his products in a large number of schools in Sohag. Small to Sohag.

The Egyptian stock market closed the session on Tuesday with a collective decline of all indices, driven by the sale of pressure from Egyptian and Arab traders. The market capitalization decreased by £ 13.5 billion to close at € 721.903 billion. pounds.

Gold prices in Egypt rose by two pounds at the onset of Tuesday night trading, 4-12-2018, where the record caliber of the 21st caliber on the market, about 619 pounds per gram.

"Suicide of a young man after separation from his love, a student's suicide after high school examination, a child's suicide because of the bullying of his classmates." These are all incidents that we always hear on television and read in newspapers, as well as suicide by celebrities, mysterious death and stories we do not know Something about it, and in fact suicide is the result of a difficult joke called "depression".

Three people were killed and 26 others were injured in an explosion in a shopping mall in the Malaysian part of the island of Clementin, according to Malaysian media reports on Tuesday.

Meteorologists predict that Wednesday, a cold north north of Upper Egypt, will prevail in the south of Upper Egypt on a cold day at night.

Hamido Jameel, the lawyer, Wahid al-Kilani and Amr Abdel Salam, renounced their communication to the attorney general accusing Rania Youssef Bakhdash of public modesty and having committed a flagrant act during the festival.

JEMA, Ethiopia, defeated Al-Ahli in the 32nd African Champions League after a 2-2 draw with Djibouti Telecom in the 64th round of the tournament.

Palestinian Gaza Club player Hamed Hamdan revealed the details of his Al Ahly Club signature for 5 years, emphasizing that captain Alaa Mihoub, chairman of Al Ahli Club's technical committee, had a big role in solving the problem. agreement, underlining that the value of the agreement was soon resolved with Al Ahly club officials.

The International Football Confederation (FIFA) has announced bonuses for clubs whose players participated in the 2018 World Cup, which took place last summer in Russia.

A few hours after the management of the Ahli to negotiate with the new technical director who will succeed the French Patrice Cartieron, fired in the wake of the results declined, and was assigned to the responsibility of Mohammed Yusuf until the contract with a new foreign technical director, to appoint dozens of trainers to finally be stable on trade between the four Dasper, Carinho, Ramon Diaz and Manuel Jose.



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