Summary: A solid foundation to support the Paralympic harvest

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 8th Topic: Summary: A solid foundation to support the Paralympic harvest

Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Jinhui, Liu Yangtao, Dong Yixing

At the just-concluded Tokyo Paralympic Games, the Chinese delegation won 96 gold, 60 silver and 51 bronze, and achieved the gold medal list and medal list for the fifth time in a row, “double first”, demonstrating the Chinese disabled people’s tenacious struggle, self-confidence and self-improvement. Image, these achievements have all benefited from the development and progress of China’s disabled people’s undertakings and disabled sports undertakings.

The foundation for gold and silver

The 54-year-old Tokyo Paralympic table tennis gold medalist Zhang Yan has participated in the five Paralympic Games. He has not only witnessed countless times of Chinese athletes competing for gold and silver in the Paralympic Games, but also witnessed the progress of China’s disabled career. .

Zhang Yan said that in recent years, what has made him feel the most is that the barrier-free environment has been greatly improved. Once, he returned to his hometown in Zhengzhou from the Zhengding Table Tennis Training Base in Hebei Province. He arrived home smoothly in a wheelchair. Subway stations, railway stations, and bus stations are all barrier-free.

“In the past, barrier-free facilities were not perfect, and people had to move everywhere, so many disabled people did not want to go out. Now, shopping malls, banks, and transportation facilities have barrier-free access, and disabled people are more willing to go out.” Zhang Yan Say.

In recent years, he has seen more disabled people participate in sports. “In recent years, more and more sports activities and charity events for the disabled have been invited to me.” Zhang Yan said, “my country not only solves the problem of food and clothing for the disabled, but also satisfies them in culture, art, sports, etc. High-level needs.”

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