Summary of 10 Cool Features on Windows 11 Big Update 22H2 (Sun Valley 2) What’s Added Cool?

It has arrived with the first major update for Windows 11 After almost a full year If anyone is a Windows savvy before, you might be a little confused that Microsoft normally likes to divide big updates into 2 rounds per year, doesn’t it (eg 21H1 and 21H2 are the year’s end of 2021). Why is it suddenly Windows? 11 doesn’t have the first half-year version coming out (cross from 21H2 to 22H2), which can be guessed in 2 cases is that it may be because Windows 11 is still new or Microsoft has set it to only once a year. (not confirmed yet)

But wherever new things have arrived, we will come to sharpen some of the cool features for you to watch. Let’s just say that even if it’s a big update, don’t expect a lot to see a lot of big features like that. Because Microsoft’s style tends to release new stuff with small updates. But at least this 22H2 will come with 10 main features that many people have been waiting for. Which should be called excitement and a lot of appetite, including:

Many people already know the properties that have helped their work life a lot better since the Windows 10 era, but suddenly on Windows 11, you pushed it out. So it can’t be called a new feature. Call it the return of the biggest feature instead. We can now drag files across from any app window or folder onto the Taskbar for easier linking to other open windows, no more manually pressing add from the program menu or minimizing the window and then dragging and dropping it.

It’s another killer feature that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It will be convenient to use, similar to the Android and iOS mobile side. Previously, Microsoft had updated to add a layout division to the Start Menu once, able to adjust the row to show Pinned App in 3 types, but for some people. The size increased from 3 to 4 rows and still not enough. This time, it’s open to arrange group apps as you like. Plus, you can put in as many apps as you don’t want. You can name the folder yourself. And will show the number of apps as 4×3, if more than that, will scroll down inside the folder again.

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It’s another one that used to be able to do on Windows 10, but then blown away with the wind like drag & drop. Called just without these 2, it made people return to Windows 10 without hesitation. which eventually came back Plus, this time it’s not normal. You can now preview the program icon or file icon. Originally, only images and videos could be previewed. It’s a bit different from Windows 10 in that it used to be able to preview 3 files at a time, now it’s left to show only one file. (Pick up the latest file)

File Explorer’s menu bar was originally the Quick Access menu at the top. Which when pinning any folder, it will show under this one. But the new update will change the position of Quick Access to the Home page instead, and will capture Quick Access and Recent in it. When pinning the folder, it will remain in Quick Access as before, but when displayed in the menu bar, it will be moved to the middle box instead. There is also a dividing line from other menus, making it easier to browse.

There is also a new category added, Favorites, so we can right-click Add to Favorites as a file or folder you like. This will break into another sub-menu on the Home page as well. The next update states that it will add a pinning feature to files in addition to folders. Which will come with a new patch this October.

Previously, Windows 11 had a Focus Assist feature that the inside was divided into 3 modes: Priority Only, Alarm Only and Off, but the actual use should not be liked by many people. Because it can be confusing to turn off notifications, Microsoft decided to split it into two separate modes:Do Not Disturb” with “Focus” to make it more convenient to use

The Do Not Disturb button is located in the upper-right corner of the notification bar, turning it on will disable all notifications, while the Focus button is at the bottom of the calendar. Let us use a timer to remind ourselves in many ways, for example, set a timer to work for 30 minutes and then take a break to stretch. When the app is opened, it will set a timer and turn on Do Not Disturb automatically. If the time is up, the app will play a loud notification sound for you (connect to Spotify, use music). You can set it as a daily goal for us to accomplish as well. Having said that, it’s quite useful for productive people to set up a lot of other uses.

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Snap Layouts are a staple of Windows 11 that weren’t on older versions. which personally quite like and use regularly In the new update, it will add more styles of splitting app windows than before. Can do up to 6 types of apps covering multiple apps, support for easier touch operations, and if used with Microsoft Edge, it will be able to split a snap separately. Ignore the tabs

Added live commentary text while playing video from any page. It automatically transcribes the text from the same mood sounds on YouTube today, but only English is supported.

It’s a new webcam feature mode. Helps to add blur to the background during video calls. Plus, it’s not just the software behind the camera like a crow. Because it works with hardware from the OS level, it allows for more realistic blurring, smoothness and better cutting edge, with the Voice Focus feature improving the mic sound quality by using AI.

Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate (VRS) are already supported on Windows 11, but only when playing full screen games. Which now has been added to play the game in Windowed Mode or minimize the playing window. while improving the latency of the picture while playing to be less with all modes

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen filters sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers. Embedded with the device from being overfilled with suspicious apps or websites If the user tries to enter but detects that the source is not secure, it will immediately warn.

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Smart App Control will help filter out untrusted apps. For example, if you leave On mode on, it will block apps that are classified as dangerous. But if the Evaluation mode is turned on, it will be evaluated at a distance, which if any suspicious app is found, it will alert you.

In addition to the 10 main ones above, there are actually many other sub-features. But some are quite specific. No, it’s only in the Pro version, so I didn’t bring it up. Conclude if anyone is interested in more detail.You can read more at this link.

Importantly, Microsoft announced that the new features are not just this. There will be more to come in the next minor update.around october Ready to show the dipping sauce to see what’s going on first, including:

  • File Explorer supports tab display. and can now pin files to Home

  • Photos app new look Support for backing up and syncing images with OneDrive.

  • Suggested Actions on Copy App or menu suggestions when copying special messages, such as phone numbers, may suggest calls via Teams, Skype, or a date message type. Optionally, save the event to your calendar.

  • Taskbar Overflow Added a 3-dot button to the bottom row of the Taskbar for adding overflow of open app icons to the row.
  • Share to more devices Share files via Nearby Sharing to find more devices such as desktop computers becauseSharing via Wi-Fi band is now supported.

Currently, Microsoft has released Windows 11 version 22H2 that can be updated gradually via Windows Update starting today. Each machine may be slow, not the same speed. It mainly depends on the motherboard model.

But if anyone doesn’t want to wait, they can download the setup of Windows 11 and install it by themselves first through the web page. Microsoft by looking at the topic “Windows 11 Setup Assistant” and click on the button. “Download now” will get Setup and let you install it following the steps. The machine will automatically be updated to the latest version of Windows 11 with all the files intact.

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