Summary of top news from e-finance Thai news agency for January 20, 2023

Today’s top stock: KBANK plummets in Q4/22 budget, low as expected…but in 2023, there is a chance to turn around strongly!
This morning (Jan 20, 2023), KBANK shares plunged as low as 5.86% after the Q4/22 budget was 66% lower than the expected market, but still looked at the Q1/23 budget to turn around and recover. According to the full-quarter M-Rate interest increase, optimism through setting a high level of reserves has boosted the 2023 budget, turning around to grow around 24 – 35%, plus the current stock valuation is still quite cheap.

KTC shows profits in 2022, new heights of more than 7 billion baht.-Debtor portfolio exceeds a hundred thousand million baht.
KTC shows profit in 2022 at 7,079 million baht, growing 20% ​​compared to the same period in 2021 after the credit card portfolio – personal loan growth exceeded the target. receive tourism as a boost Indicates that loans to debtors exceed a hundred thousand million baht. or 12.5% ​​growth

KTB shows strong 2022 performance with profit of 33.6 billion baht, growing 56%
KTB reveals strong performance growth, net profit in 2022 was 33,698 million baht, an increase of 56% from the previous year. And profit in the fourth quarter of 2022 increased by 64 percent from total income that grew well. with balanced loan growth Interest income grows in line with interest rate direction. Continue to take care of vulnerable customers to adjust to the economic growth trend.

SCBX reveals 2022 profit reaching 37 billion baht, growing 5.5% and loan growth 3.3%
SCBX reveals 2022 profit reaching 3.7 billion baht, growing 5.5%, revenue growth of 13.3% – loan growth of 3.3%, and provisions decreased by 19.5%, Q4/22 performance profit of 7.1 billion baht and revealing yearly plan goals 66 expected growth of 5-8%

TTB shows a 2022 profit of 14.1 billion baht, an increase of 35.5% after revenues soar.
TTB’s 2022 profit was 14,195 million baht, an increase of 35.5% compared to the previous year, while the fourth quarter of 2022 had a profit of 3,847 million baht, an increase of 3.6% compared to the previous quarter. After improving operating income Increased interest income spread and asset quality that was under control

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CIMBT reveals in 2022 a profit of 3.03 billion baht, an increase of 24.3% after reducing reserves and cost control.
CIMBT announced a 2022 net profit of 3,033.1 million baht, an increase of 24.3% or 592.5 million baht after better cost control and a 39.4% decrease in expected credit losses, while net fees and service income increased 3.4. % from an increase in distribution fee income

KBANK reveals 2022 profit at 35.7 billion baht, down 6% due to additional provision
KBANK reveals Q4/2022 net profit of 3,191 million baht, down 67.7% after setting aside 190% increase in provisions, preparing for the global economic recession. For the whole year, 22, net profit was 35.7 billion baht, down 6%, loan growth of 3.03%, and NPL was 3.19. %

BBL reveals profit in 2022, reaching 29 billion baht, growing 10.6%, showing loan growth of 3.6%
BBL boasts profit in 2022, reaching 29 billion baht, growing 10.6% – interest income increased by 24.4%, loans grew 3.6%, while Q4/2022 profit was 7.5 billion baht, growing 19.8% compared to Q4/21.

BAY reveals 2022 profit growth of 30%, surpassing 30 billion baht, loan growth of 3.1%
BAY reveals 2022 net profit of 30,713 million baht, growing 20%, driven by economic recovery – lower provisioning The loan side grew 3.1% for large businesses – SMEs were bright, while NPL slightly increased to 2.32% from 2.20% at the end of 2021.

SCGC Enters Recycled Plastic Market in Europe Acquires 60% Stake in “Kras” Netherlands
SCGC accelerates penetration of recycled plastics market in Europe by acquiring a 60% stake in Kras, a leading waste management company from the Netherlands. has a production capacity of 9,000 tons per year and is likely to grow exponentially in 2023

OR clarified that no decision has yet been made on the purchase of ZEN shares, reiterating its continued investment to support growth.
OR clarified in the negotiations to buy ZEN shares that no decision has been made yet. ready to confirm continuing business investment negotiations Supporting the growth of every business

“Premier Quality Starch (PQS)” starts the road show in Khon Kaen on 26 Jan. – Moving forward with the IPO plan of 170 million shares into SET
PQS is ready to start a road show summarizing the IPO information of 170 million shares in Khon Kaen on January 26 and ending in Bangkok on January 31, hoping to create acquaintance and understanding in the business. ready to move forward to be listed on the stock exchange within this year

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The Treasury reveals sales tax on shares Completed draft examination decree Waiting for the government announcement
The Finance Minister reveals that the share sales tax is still moving forward, pointing out that it is in the process. During the procession before the announcement of the government in order to continue to take effect

OR goes ahead with the installation of EV charging points, setting a target of “EV Station PluZ” reaching 7,000 units in 2073.
OR joins hands with ONYX Hospitality Group to sign a memorandum of agreement to install electric charging kits under the brand EV Station PluZ, aiming to expand branches in hotels and resorts under ONYX Hospitali. Tee across the country

‘Jitta Wealth’ suggests that 2023 is suitable for investing in stocks and tech in China for economic growth opportunities after opening the country
Jitta Wealth Asset Management sees the Chinese economy in 2023 continuing to recover from the fourth quarter of 2022 when the economy grew faster than the market expected. Resulting in investors flocking to invest continuously, reflecting confidence in economic stimulus measures that will boost profits. Listed companies grow outstandingly Recommend investing in Chinese stocks and Chinese tech stocks

Fitch puts ESSO short-term bills of exchange into credit observation After the parent company announced the sale of shares to BCP
Fitch Affirms ESSO’s National Short-Term Bills of Exchange Rating on Credit Rating Under Scrutiny After the parent company announced the sale of all shares to BCP, reflecting uncertainty from changes that will affect the credit profile.

ASPS opened 27 stocks to benefit After the MPC will maintain interest at the first meeting of the year.
Asia Plus Securities Open a group of shares to benefit. After evaluating the first MPC meeting this year will slow down the interest rate increase, hold hire purchase, medium-small banks, real estate, high dividend groups Shares affected by big banks and insurance

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AIS joins 3 alliances to open Digital Talent The Masters to find real people in technology.
AIS joins 3 alliances to strengthen the digital economy, joining hands with Humanica Conicle THAICOM to create an ecosystem for the new generation, launching Digital Talent | The Masters, a project to find real talent in technology.

TCAP sends “T-Broker” to penetrate the insurance brokerage business, targeting 2023 total premiums will grow 100% to reach 1 billion baht.
TCAP sends “T-Broker” to compete for market share of insurance brokers The latter has a strong capital base. Increase the confidence of partners and service users. Aiming for leapfrog growth in 2023, premium income of 1,100 million baht, 100% growth, ready to be ranked among the top 10 insurance brokers within 3 years.

SCB approves debentures of 100,000 million baht.
SCB reveals that shareholders raise their hands to vote Green light to approve debentures of 100,000 million baht, offered for sale in all forms, both in Thailand and abroad.

State banks signal preparations to raise interest rates on loans within Q1/23
State Bank plans to raise loan interest rates within the first quarter of 2023 after the MPC has raised it twice in a row, clarifying to maintain the loan-deposit difference. but will not increase as much as the commercial bank side

The Treasury advised the National Bank to maintain the balance of funds – the impact of the people. After setting up LPG on March 1
Finance Minister recommends Oil Fund Maintain the balance of funds – the impact on the people After preparing to raise LPG to 423 baht per tank

“Magic” reveals the debt relief project, helping the people, 4.5 hundred thousand people – a hundred thousand million baht debt.
The Minister of Finance reveals that the past 3 debt resolving projects have helped 4.5 hundred thousand people to solve debts, representing a hundred thousand million baht debt. 50% found to have been taken care of

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