summer "makes invisible" to Podemos in the Congress group and the ‘purples’ challenge Yolanda Díaz: "we will have a voice"

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We can it will remain even more diluted in the Congress of Deputies. summer has announced that the party purple He will not have any deputy spokesperson in the parliamentary group and, therefore, will lose his voice in key spaces of life in the Chamber, such as the Board of Spokesmen or the press conferences on Tuesdays. They won’t have it either IU o More Madrid.

As Podemos saw it coming, after unsuccessful days of negotiation, it has sent a resounding message of defiance to Yolanda Diaz just a few hours before: “Making Podemos invisible is not going to serve anything other than to generate disappointment in many people.” An affirmation that the national leader Isa Serra He then finished off with a notice: “With a voice in the group [del Congreso] or without it we will have a voice, don’t worry”.

The distribution of the deputy spokespersons was one of the great issues that Sumar had to resolve at the beginning of the course, since it had to distribute prominence and influence among the numerous parties that are part of the coalition and that have won seats. And it was not easy, because many interests and demands had to be reconciled. Like those of Podemos, which claimed a place in the leadership of the parliamentary group, just as it also demands it when distributing the ministries that are agreed with the PSOE.

Podemos, which has five of Sumar’s 31 deputies, has run out of relevant positions in Congress. The parliamentary speaker is Martha Lois, a Galician politician of the highest confidence of Díaz and who has been exercising that role since mid-August. She remained to clear who accompanied her, who will be Aina Vidal (first deputy spokesperson), leader of the common in Madrid; Agueda Micó (second deputy spokesperson), a benchmark for Compromís in Congress; and Jorge Pueyo (third deputy spokesperson), deputy for Zaragoza in the Chunta Aragonista quota. To them is added a determining role in the control of the group Txema Guijarro, in the role of general secretary of the group and substitute spokesperson. Díaz remains as president.

This distribution of responsibilities was registered this Monday morning, after last week it was made official by the Board that the name of the group will include the “plurinational” surname. Thus, it will be known as the Sumar Plurinational Parliamentary Group.

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