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Summer surprises continue – horoscope for all zodiac signs from August 3 to 9


The better you do, the higher you will strive – it is not for nothing that it is said that your appetite grows when you eat. Talks with senior officials will not succeed. In disputes, the first step is to reach a settlement. For a while, you will promise more than you can fulfill, because you will want to indulge in the other so much that you will forget to think about yourself.


Be critical, analyze, try to dig into the true essence of things. Obstacles and various obstacles only show that you are on the right track. A philosophical and slightly careless attitude towards everyday failures will protect you from unnecessary stress. Interesting conversations and exciting events await you over the weekend.


In times of doubt, intuition will be a good advisor, as long as you have enough time to listen to it, and knowledge of psychology will be useful in building relationships. There will be a creative atmosphere at work. At the end of the week, it brings joy to the loved one, devoting more time to solitude.


Communication with others will not be as smooth as you would like. Ancient sins and other absences can be raised in daylight. Disputes will not lead anywhere if you do not compromise and change your mind, so put on a mask of kindness and try to get out of the situation diplomatically.


No matter how stable and secure you feel at home and abroad, you will be able to defend your interests, communicate with others, make new contacts with confidence and certainty. It will be a pleasure to take care of home and relatives. A period full of surprises can begin, in which there will be a great opportunity not only to prove yourself, but also to significantly improve the quality of life.


The ability to accept the partner’s point of view will be important in the relationship, even if it is diametrically opposed to yours. It will be enough to show understanding and just make some concessions to form a dialogue. At work, all your efforts are spent on one goal – career and growth. You will be supported by all kinds of people, they will encourage and help you not to stay halfway.


The atmosphere at home will be quite tense, disputes with a spouse and parents can easily break out. Take care to prevent social absences. Do not blame people in their difficulties who have not lived up to their expectations. From the end of the week, the situation will improve.


Not only material = benefits and useful meetings are possible this work week, but also spiritual revelations and inspiring events. Take care of your own success. Set yourself a goal to gain the recognition of others, because it will motivate new jobs. It is easy to form a friendly relationship that does not impose any obligations or commitments.


Possible to meet interesting people. As your views on financial matters will differ significantly from those of your management, we are not starting negotiations on a salary supplement at this time. Don’t rush a job just because you want to enjoy the rest faster. Your own time for everything! It is not for nothing that it is said that I spend my time in the mud, I decorate my time.


In the coming days, it will not be easy to do everything you have planned or promised to do. Your key to success will be restraint and moderation, so when thoughts do not agree with others, it is better to keep quiet! Force yourself to focus on your direct job responsibilities – as soon as you do, things will go out of hand.


You will achieve the best results if you act freely, honestly and independently. Listen to the suggestions of relatives, accept criticism. When in a public place, watch your wallet, don’t be tempted and don’t spend money on things you don’t really need at all. The end of the week is a good time to put things on the shelves.


Be pragmatic and structure your time. Try not to rush anything before taking the decisive step, analyze all the pros and cons. The situation will be favorable for a variety of social activities. If you have the opportunity to go on a short trip, use it.

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