Summer vacation despite Corona? Austria’s Chancellor Kurz gives hope when traveling

The Germans are worried about their summer vacation in the Corona crisis. But in addition to home leave, trips to some other countries are more likely. The news ticker.

Update, 6.15 p.m .:

The EU commission has an extension of the Entry stops to Europe because of the Corona pandemic asked for another month. The Authority now advised Member States to remove the restrictions on “not essential to travel“To remain in force until June 15th.

The Entry restrictions were first put into effect in mid-March. So far they have been extended once until May 15th. While some EU member states “The first steps towards easing measures to combat the spread of the pandemic remain unstable in Europe and worldwide,” said the Commission. “Therefore, should activities continued at the external borders to reduce the risk of further spread of the disease to travel in the EU to reduce ”, it continues.

Summer vacation despite Corona? Chancellor Kurz gives hope for trips to Austria

Update 1:08 p.m .: There is currently sharp criticism of the border closings. Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) announced a decision until Pentecost, but previously emphasized that he wanted to maintain border controls for the time being. Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) is now leaping into the breach. At present, the contagion numbers with the Corona virus in Austria less than in Germany. “Therefore, I also assume that the border with Germany will open before the summer,” said Kurz at a video conference with representatives of the hospitality industry on Friday in Vienna.

Summer vacation despite Corona? One federal state announces far-reaching easing – another surprises with a ban

Update from May 8, 7.13 a.m .: It is probably the most important question for many people Summer can be: vacation take place as planned? So far this seems questionable, but after Schleswig-Holstein already on Thursday Tourism easing had announced, now also opens Mecklenburg-West Pomerania from May 25th his hotels for vacationers.

But with one exception. How picture the prime minister Manuela Schwesig cited, people from German high-risk areas are not allowed to enter the state after May 25th. How exactly such a high-risk area is defined is therefore not yet entirely certain.

But Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Minister of Economic Affairs Harry Glawe explains picture: “The Prime Minister meant two circles: that is Greiz and that is Heinsberg. “During the county Greiz Heinsberg was long regarded as the first hotspot in the country for over 50 new infections per week per 100,000 inhabitants and thus has to expect further restrictions according to the federal and state governments.

If this entry ban for both Counties It is therefore not known whether the number of infections will decrease or whether an entry ban will also be declared for other counties. “The exact rules are still to be determined there,” the government spokesman for the federal state told picture.

Meanwhile, virologist Drosten and hundreds of colleagues warn of fake news about the corona virus and are massively criticizing Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Summer vacation despite Corona? A federal state announces far-reaching easing of tourism

Update from May 7, 7 p.m .: In Northern Germany it is tourism due to the corona pandemic has been brought down to practically zero. Now dare Schleswig-Holstein from the May 18 a restart of the torusimus branch. The entry ban falls with it, vacationers should Hotels and Apartments on the North and Baltic Seas are available again. Also Islands and Halligen are open to visitors again.

Summer vacation despite Corona? Schleswig-Holstein with far-reaching easing of tourism

For gastronomic Farms there is the possibility to resume operation, but only until 10 p.m. 50 guests are allowed per room, the applicable ones Distance rules must still be adhered to. “There is now more freedom and therefore more responsibility for everyone involved,” said Minister of Tourism Bernd Buchholz (FDP) on Thursday.

Common areas such as Swimming pools and sauna areas remain closed to avoid gatherings. Outdoor swimming pools will also remain open for the time being. As far as the guests can adequately take care of the situation, they are also allowed camping– and Motorhome parking spaces be used again. Excursion boats are allowed to go back to Schleswig-Holsteig from May 18, shops in bathing resorts are also allowed to open again on Sundays, but in consultation with the districts.

Summer vacation despite Corona? The first beaches open again for day tourists

Update, 4:03 p.m .: First beaches in Germany will soon be accessible again: The beaches at Elbe and Outside Weser in a circle Cuxhaven will be back on May 14th Day tourists open. The current ban expires on May 13 and will not be extended, said a spokesman for the district. The Coastal towns had been reserved for locals just before Easter.

As a first step the Easing have been allowed to become owners of Apartments and Permanent camper arrive. Mayor Uwe Santjer (SPD) welcomed the return of the first guests. “The reason for this is the discipline practiced in the past few weeks,” he said, according to the city. “Please let’s continue that we’ll have more soon Easing in the tourism can allow, ”continued Santjer.

Summer vacation despite Corona? Laschet names possible travel destinations – but Merkel’s confidant warns

Update, May 7, 11:25 a.m .: Despite decisions after the big Corona summit with Angela Merkel: Chancellery Minister Helge brown warns of too many Easing, the to travel affect. “If you look back, you can see that the great contagion risks lurk there,” says Braun.

Because of the positive course of the infection, Germany now “trust something”, explains the Head of the Chancellery. When it comes to opening the border, however, he is for Germany to step in step with its neighboring countries, Braun continues. “The beginning of this border controls was that in Germany the shops were open and no longer in the neighboring country and there was a lot of movement because people then went shopping over the border have come, ”says the CDU politician.

Vacation in spite of Corona – where are people in Bavaria allowed to go on Pentecost vacation? * An overview.

Summer vacation despite Corona? Laschet gives hope for EU travel and names possible destinations

Update from May 6, 8:45 p.m .: Opposite the “Bild” newspaper Armin said Laschet, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, regarding the Vacation– and travel opportunities in summer and made hope.

In addition to traveling in Germany Holidays in Europe are not excluded. “From May 11th, from May 15th, we will see, for example, that the lockdown will be ended in France.” They also want to coordinate with the Netherlands, since many citizens would go to the coasts there or to Belgium.

Also the popular holiday destination Greece“That has survived the crisis relatively well,” Armin Laschet started. “You will have to look at the concepts of how Europe as a whole is progressing. When do we get to the point of ending border closure? “

Long-distance travel can the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime minister however difficult to imagine. The countries bordering on Germany would be more likely to offer themselves. Everything depends on developments in the number of infections.

Political editor Christian Deutschländer believes that the shift in risk management to the federal states is correct *. The federal government should take care of more urgent matters – a comment.

Summer vacation despite Corona? Greece plans offensive for foreign tourism – concrete opening date has been fixed

Update 7:11 p.m .: Home leave in Germany is becoming increasingly probable thanks to the federal government’s progressive loosening of corona. And now also tinker Greece on one concept, by the Tourists in the country on their summer vacation spend can, without exposing yourself or others to an increased health risk.

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Vacation despite Corona? Greece is working on tourism plan: talking about health protocols and passports

So far, the worldwide travel warning until June 14th – It remains to be seen whether it will be extended afterwards. Despite all the restrictions, Greece has Tourism Minister Charis Theoharis developed concrete ideas how the beach vacation could still work in his country. “We have a Plan to support Greek tourism. We will use all possibilities, but in accordance with the health regulations, “said Theoharis, according to a report from in the Greek parliament.

So the plan implies that Health logs for hotels, Marinas, yachts, planes and coaches are created – possibly based on so-called Health passports. Specifically, this means: Tourists are said to be consistently tested for the corona virus will. Theoharis believes that such measures can be implemented realistically. However, the exact details still need to be discussed. His goal is to create conditions that do not endanger the health of visitors, residents or the reputation of travel destinations, according to

Vacation despite Corona? Greece’s tourism minister hopes for international cooperation agreements

The tourism minister also puts on international cooperation. He wants to secure the support of other countries through diplomatic measures. Greece is ready to accept tourists. But if the German, Russian, or US government orders quarantine * for those returning from Greece, it will deter tourists. Therefore, in advance bilateral agreements with the respective governments.

Germans may not yet have to write off their summer vacation in Greece completely. (Icon image)


Another key point should be Government grants will. The Greek ministries of finance, development and labor want to make specific and affordable financial packages available for the implementation of the tourism strategy this week. The plan: The government partially pays the salaries for employees in the tourism industry. In addition, in consultation with the respective municipalities, bars, restaurants and cafés could then only pay reduced fees for road use in their outside areas. Furthermore, the money could flow directly into the financing of the comprehensive corona tests for tourists.

Vacation despite Corona? Greece is planning an advertising campaign focusing on corona crisis management

One is also planned Advertising campaignthat should attract tourists. It should be ready in the coming weeks. The special thing: Instead of emphasizing the classic advantages of Greece, such as good food and turquoise blue sea, this campaign aims to: Security and the functioning corona crisis management in focus stand. In fact, there have been relatively few corona infections in Greece to date. According to current information from Johns Hopkins University, there are so far 2,663 infected and 147 deaths associated with Covid-19. In order to ensure that the tourism campaign also reaches the target group, the Greek tourism plan plans to intensify contacts with international media and tour operators. For example, with the tour operator TUI initial talks have already been held.

And that’s not all: A specific start date for the opening of Greece for the purpose of foreign tourism has already been set. “We will be on Open tourism abroad on July 1stGreek Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis said in the Greek parliament on Wednesday. It was also said that the government in Athens would provide details on this by May 15.

Vacation despite Corona? Federal states should decide on the reopening of hotels – virologists are positive

Update 5.11 p.m .: The hope of a pleasant summer – or even a holiday feeling increases. For one thing, the Prime Ministers and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) decided on Wednesday that the federal states will determine the reopening of hotels and holiday apartments. On the other hand, apparently also get under Virologists positive assessments of the situation.

Since intra-European vacations already seem possible in government circles, the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit (41) gives in picture-Interview prospect of a summer leisure feeling in Germany. Of course, only after an appropriate decision from politics. “There is absolutely nothing against families in Germany driving to holiday homes or apartments,” the virologist says In that case, they are people from a household. Also for Swimming pools and Open air facilities the virologist gives hope: “The following applies: if only a small number of visitors are admitted who adhere to the respective hygiene concept and can meet at a distance, there is nothing to be said against it.”

Incidentally: after numerous easing measures were agreed at the federal-state consultations on Wednesday, details of the course of the conference also became public. Chancellor Merkel and a prime minister are said to have had a particularly expanded need for discussion.

Vacation despite Corona? Travel to the Balearic Islands or Greek Islands may be possible in summer

Update from May 6, 10.35 a.m .: There is hope for that Summer vacation? Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (CDU) has repeatedly pointed out that this year is hardly to be expected. Now he answers Federal Government Commissioner for Tourism, State Secretary Thomas Bareiß, and gives hope.

For example, trips to the Balearic Islands or the greek islands be possible if the infection situation there allows. “If there are hardly any new infections there and the medical care is working, you could also think about a summer vacation there,” Bareiß saidDaily mirror.

In his opinion, the “long-distance trip” would fail. Depending on how the pandemic develop over the next four to eight weeks, he said summer holidays but possible within Europe, Bareiß continues. With the Neighboring countries of Germany be already in conversation. “But I would not yet write off other regions in Europe, such as the Balearic Islands or the Greek Islands.”

Vacation despite Corona? Bavaria is also pushing ahead – plans for border controls are becoming more concrete

Update from May 5th, 9.42pm: Goodbye to summer vacation? Given the Corona pandemic it is questionable whether the Germans can lie in the sun on the beach or the lakes in a few months. But now a virologist gives hope.

Across from (Article behind payment barrier) explained Professor Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit: “We virologists can only provide impulses and ideas, the decision is of course ultimately made by politics. And of course the number of infections must be closely monitored. But I personally believe that stopping our lives for months is far from realistic. ”

The virologist primarily gives hope for Vacation in holiday homes, because “there is absolutely nothing against families in Germany going to holiday homes or apartments,” says the virologist. After all, it is about a group of people who otherwise live in a household.

The Accommodation in hotels holdsSchmidt chanasite also possible, but only in a restricted number of guests – “for example only ten or 20 percent as much as usual.”

However, he sees the problem Day tourism on the beaches the republic, because there are many people romping around, it would be possible “that only those who live there or have rented a holiday home, for example, can go to the beach.”

Vacationers 2018 on the beach of Norddeich. People sit close together. This is not possible this year.

© dpa / Mohssen Assanimoghaddam

Corona virus in Germany: plans for border controls are becoming more concrete

Update from May 5, 6:24 p.m .: Can people look forward to summer vacation abroad despite the corona virus? The borders between Germany and its neighbors could become more permeable again from mid-May.

According to information from the German Press Agency Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) already spoken specifically about a concept of how to contain the Corona virus and applicable quarantine regulations, if applicable without formal border controls could ensure.

A joint situation report by the Ministry of Health and the interior ministry says that one is planned “Gradual opening of the border” in the North.

Appropriate concepts are already being discussed between the Federal Ministry of the Interior and other federal states with borders where controls are currently taking place. Seehofer extended the controls ordered at the borders to Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland in mid-March from Monday to May 15. The “gradual” opening could open up additional opportunities for people regarding summer vacation.

Corona virus: vacation despite crisis? Austria hopes for German travelers

Update from May 5, 5 p.m .: Austria persistently advertises German tourists for the Summer vacation – despite or precisely because of Corona crisis.

In the southern neighboring country, the Germans do the majority of the Vacationers out. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) recently did not want to commit to opening the border between Bavaria and Tyrol on the one hand and Bavaria and the Salzburg region on the other.

“I will not let up on this question. Austria creates all the prerequisites for a safe and enjoyable vacation, ”said the Austrian Minister of Tourism Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) talking to the picture.

“I see myself here as an ally of the many German guests who have theirs vacation in Austria want to spend “, said the 41-year-old:” Our success in the fight against that Corona virus is the solid basis for us to work on future concepts for the summer. “

Summer vacation on Wörthersee, on Lake Neusiedl, in the Tyrolean Alps or on the Danube? There will probably be intensive talks between the federal governments in Berlin and Vienna.

Vacation in Germany despite Corona? Tourism industry puts pressure

First report from May 5th: “Oh, I have such a longing. I am losing my mind. I want to go to the North Sea again! I want to go back to Westerland. “

The refrain of the classic doctor “Westerland” could become the motto of many Germans this summer because vacation abroad because of the Coronavirus pandemic unlikely until at least awkward.

After the tourism branch neat pressure for more Easing made is after Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein now too Bavaria* concerning Summer vacation rushed forward.

“You can go on vacation in Bavaria,” explained Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) at the request of Munich Mercury *: “You can also camp, there are excellent opportunities.” Camping on Lake Chiemsee, on the Dreiflusseck near Passau or in Lindau on Lake Constance?

Summer vacation: Markus Söder – Vacation in Bavaria will be possible

As the Bavarian father now explained, from Pentecost Saturday, May 30th, hotels, Apartments and campsites open again in the Free State – in compliance with strict hygiene rules.

“We will be at Pentecost, on the 30th, Hotel and tourism allow, ”explained Söder – but without a sauna or swimming pools. Before that, the Federal Government’s Tourism Commissioner, Thomas Bareiß (CDU), had been careful about the topic vacation said: “I assume that this will be possible, hopefully already in the summer,” said the Swabian.

But: Individual federal states have long been creating facts. So in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, about at the Baltic Sea or the Mecklenburg Lake District, Hotels, pensions and apartments open again from May 18 under less load.

Summer vacation in Corona times: Schleswig-Holstein really speeds up

How Focus Online reports, the entry ban for Tourists from other federal states from May 25th. As of Monday, May 25th, the hotels in Lower Saxony should open again, ergo, on the North Sea between the Elbe, Cuxhaven, East Frisian Islands and Emden on the German-Dutch border. Again, with fewer beds available.

Right on the pace Schleswig-Holstein: Permanent camping has been allowed again since May 4th. Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) and Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) have made themselves heard Focus Online also agreed on an opening of the border with Denmark on May 15.

Summer vacation despite Corona crisis? Travel abroad is unlikely

Before Pentecost So the tourism business should start up again in the northernmost German state – also in Westerland Sylt.

It looks different Summer vacation from abroad: The Federal Foreign Office recently extended its travel warning until (at least) June 14.

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