Summit of Perera, resounding in Salamanca with a large bull from El Vellosino

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Miguel Ángel Perera has cut off three ears and left on his shoulders at the end of the second bullfight of the Salamanca fair, an afternoon in which the local Manuel Diosleguarde also shone, who carried a trophy, while the Mexican Leo Valadez was unprecedented with the worst batch.

Perera worked with good skill to take advantage of bringing out the good background that the first bull of the afternoon had, which he took care of with perseverance in the first stages on the right to end up hitting two final series of naturals that made La Glorieta roar, which He awarded him an ear in recognition of such technical work.

The truly important thing came in the fourth, a great bull, brave and with a lot of depth, to which Perera performed a very resounding task from start to finish, imposing his dominating law of commanding and powerful bullfighting in vibrant and exciting rounds, with great rhythm and communication with the prone, who ignored the puncture prior to a superb sword blow to reward him with both ears.

Leo Valadez sweated ink to try to justify himself with the complicated second, a very reserved bull, one of those that kept everything inside, proven. He already made it difficult for the crews and even more so for the young Mexican, who resolved it as best he could.

And Valadez ended up leaving Salamanca on tiptoe, since the fifth, noble and raceless, barely allowed the Aztec to go beyond being willful in a task without echo.

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