Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is named the best tourist landmark for the British in 2019 -

The Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach has been named as the best value for money for British vacationers for a second consecutive year, revealed an annual report.

It has been discovered that it is the place where the British will see their pounds stretch further in the search that saw the Turkish resort of Marmaris in second place while the Algarve in Portugal is the third.

However, the most expensive place for a holiday was found in Mahe in the Seychelles.

The Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach, surrounded, has been nominated to offer the best value for money for holidaymakers in the UK for a second consecutive year in an annual report of Post Office Travel Money

The ranking was revealed in the annual barometer of holiday costs worldwide.

To fill out the report, the post office compares the cost of eight daily tourist articles to 42 cities and resorts around the world to see where the pound will stretch.

The price of the basket of items, which are a meal for two, drinks, sunscreen and insect repellent in the first place Sunny Beach is only £ 36.03.

The well-documented volatility of the Turkish lira explains why Marmaris, Turkey's most popular resort, claimed that prices fell by 18.7 percent from last year to £ 45.23.

Third place Algarve, a winner of the past, saw prices go up by 13.2 percent to £ 50.11 while in fourth place is Cape Town, where prices are £ 50.23.

However, a two percent price reduction to £ 54.12 helped the Spanish Costa del Sol rise to fifth in the table.

The well-documented volatility of the Turkish lira explains why Marmaris, in the picture, Turkey's most popular resort, claimed that prices fell by 18.7 percent from last year to £ 45.23.

Third place the Algarve in Portugal, is a former winner in the relationship of the post office. He saw prices go up by 13.2 percent to £ 50.11

The rest of the top ten are Tokyo (£ 55.55), Mombasa (£ 55.77), Prague (£ 56.88), Paphos (£ 65.17) and Bali (£ 69.49).

Overall, the report revealed that, contrary to the expectation that the fluctuating value of the pound compared to the major currencies would result in higher prices for UK visitors, the costs for eight commodities, including meals and drinks, are decreased in almost half of the 42 destinations surveyed, including six of 12 Europeans.

Singapore (£ 120.66) and St Lucia (£ 80.09) head the list of 19 destinations where vacation costs fell last year.

Prices in the Chinatown area in Singapore fell by 21.5% and in Montego Bay, Jamaica, decreased by 19.6%.

The most expensive resort for the British mentioned in the report is Mahe in the Seychelles, where the basket of eight items is added to £ 182.89

The cost of articles in St Lucia was much cheaper than in four other Caribbean islands (Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica and Tobago).

And while these falls are the result of cheaper local rates for meals and drinks, a sharp increase in the value of the pound against the Brazilian real explains why prices have fallen in Rio de Janeiro where the barometer basket amounts to £ 111.19 , a decline of 19.5 per cent.

The European destinations that saw substantial price reductions on an annual basis were Malta (Sliema, 12th, £ 71.41 – minus nine percent), France (Nice, 20th, £ 91.86, -13.7 for one hundred) and Greece (Corfu, 21st, 96.66 pounds, down 7.8 percent).

Andrew Brown, travel expert, said: "It is good news that prices fall in many destinations this year, but it is still very important to be aware of the huge variation in costs found in the 42 countries surveyed.

"For example, the barometer costs in the six most economic cities and cities are less than half of those of the 15 most expensive destinations.

"That's why we advise tourists to draw up a destination list and do their homework by comparing prices for meals, drinks and other tourist items before booking." Forearmed is advised. "

Sorrento in Italy has emerged as the most expensive of 12 European destinations after having recorded a price increase of over 30%.

At £ 119.03, its prices were twice as high as those of Sunny Beach, Marmaris, the Algarve and the Costa del Sol.

However, value choices included the cities of Bratislava and Porto, where local prices are among the lowest in Europe.

The hotlist also includes Croatia and Iceland, whose currencies are among the 10 showing the highest sales growth in 10 years.

Sales of Croatian kuna increased by 325% in the last decade, while those for the Icelandic crown rose by 237%.

Meanwhile, Post Office Travel Money has added three new destinations – Abu Dhabi, India (Delhi) and Seychelles (Mahé) – to the Barometer of holiday costs around the world this year.

Delhi was the cheapest of the three at £ 104.29, while Abu Dhabi (£ 168.66) and Mahé (£ 182.89) were at least 60 percent more expensive.


1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, £ 36.03 (cost of 8 essential items)

2. Marmaris, Turkey, £ 45.23

3. Algarve, Portugal, £ 50.11

4. Cape Town, South Africa, £ 50.23

5. Costa de Sol, Spain, £ 54.12

6. Tokyo, Japan, £ 55.55

7. Mombasa, Kenya, £ 55.77

8. Prague, Czech Republic, £ 56.88

9. Paphos, Cyprus, £ 65.17

10. Bali, Indonesia, £ 69.49

11. Hoi An, Vietnam, £ 69.52

12. Sliema, Malta, £ 71.41

13. Cancun, Mexico, £ 74.00

14. Orlando, USA, £ 75.49

15. Rodney Bay, St Lucia, £ 80.09

16. Porec, Croatia, £ 80.38

17. Phuket, Thailand, £ 82.53

18. Budapest, Hungary, £ 82.72

19. Penang, Malaysia, 86.36 pounds

20. Nice, France, £ 91.86

21. Corfu, Greece, £ 96.06

22. Seoul, South Korea, £ 103.69

23. Tobago, £ 103.81

24. Beijing, China, 103.89 pounds

25. Delhi, India, £ 104.29

26. Vancouver, Canada, £ 104.41

27. New York, USA, £ 106.79

28. Auckland, New Zealand, £ 107.45

29. Grand Baie, Mauritius, £ 108.23

30. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, £ 111.19

31. Lima, Peru, £ 111.94

32. Montego Bay, Jamaica, £ 112.82

33. Sorrento, Italy, £ 119.03

34. China Town, Singapore, £ 120.66

35. Santiago, Chile, £ 126.04

36. Tamarindo, Costa Rica, £ 126.41

37. St. John's, Antigua, £ 126.65

38. St. James, Barbados, £ 137.16

39. Darwin, Australia, £ 147.38

40. Jumeirah, Dubai, £ 150.52

41. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, £ 168.66

42. Mahe, Seychelles, £ 182.89

Source: barometer of holiday costs all over the world

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