Sunscreens on the test: which ones should be avoided and, on the contrary, which are the best rated?

Which sunscreen to choose for this summer? Every year, we ask ourselves the same question: are the price differences between all these creams really justified? Julie Frère, from Test-Achats, was present on the RTL INFO Bienvenue set to answer this question.

Traditionally at this time, Test-Achats publishes the big test of sunscreens and after-sun creams, how many have you tested?

“We tested 50 sunscreens and we tested 16 after-sunscreens and in the sunscreens we tested, we were careful to test both 50+ and 30 lotions. We also looked at the products that were more specifically intended for children. “

At the end of the test, are there some that stand out positively or negatively?

“Negatively, there are still 4 products that really pose a problem, because they do not respect the protection factor that is advertised. What is really problematic is that out of these 4 products, there are 3 that concern children. There are 2 products of the Zwitsal brand, and therefore specifically for young children, the Hema 50+ spray for children, and a Caudalie lotion which is more intended for adults. authorities to inform them of this problem. These 4 products, for the moment, we recommend not to buy them. ”

Are these products laboratory tested?

“Creams are always tested in the laboratory and then, alongside that, we also have a panel of consumers who will also test the easy, pleasant side, etc. It is also an aspect that obviously comes into consideration.”

What are the creams that you positively retain then?

“Out of 50 products that we tested, there are still 10 that obtain a ‘master-buy’ label or best of the test from us. What is really remarkable is that out of these 10, in fact, there is only one that we buy in pharmacies: it is that of the Biotherm brand. The others, we will find several products of Kruidvat, Lidl, but it also has Nivea that we find in the classification or Yves Rocher. So, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a good sunscreen, it’s still good to know. ”

So to this question: are the price differences justified, the answer from Test-Achats is no?

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“No, each year we make the same observation. And we had problems with products that were specifically sold in pharmacies: I was talking about Caudalie which does not respect the announced protection factor, and well it is a product which is sold in pharmacies. “

Regarding allergens and the famous endocrine disruptors that we are talking about more and more, have you spotted any specific things?

“So, there are 3 products out of the 50 that contain endocrine disruptors. The good news is that it does not apply to products for children, they are products from the Nuxe, Lancaster and Hawaiian Tropic brands. , these are not prohibited substances, but they are all the same substances which are suspected of disrupting the hormonal system, so we do not recommend using this type of product. Allergens, we had not found in a spray for children, but in the meantime the brand has told us that they have been deleted. So good news: in children’s products, there are no allergens. In adult products, there are a lot: 20 out of the 34 products tested. But that is only a problem if you suffer from allergic reactions, ie around 3% of Europeans. So this should be checked on the packaging. “

A word on the after-sun?

“We don’t often talk about them, however, they are widely used. I would say that the most important thing is to remember that in terms of hydration, which is still the main criterion, and well in reality, we has results more or less comparable to those of conventional moisturizing lotions. There are even 6 of the 16 that we tested which hydrate less well, whereas they are much more expensive. We are at 24% more expensive for after-suns than regular lotions. So the message is: take a good moisturizer, hydrate well after the day and don’t have to spend a fortune on an after-sun. ”

All the results of these tests can be found on the Test-Achats website.

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