‘Super Band 2’ The Wales, a stage that was regretted by Jo Ki-hoon’s absence

‘Super Band 2’

‘Super Band 2’ The Wales was disappointed with the absence of drummer Jo Ki-hoon.

On the 13th episode of JTBC’s ‘Super Band 2’, which aired on the 27th, the first round of the final 6 teams was drawn. This time, I was with 200 members of the untact judging team. The first round of the finals will be scored out of 6000 points, a total of 4000 points for producers and 2000 points for untact judges.

The second stage was decorated by The Wales. A team that is not predictable because it is an aggregate of all-round players. It stimulated curiosity about what kind of stage it will be decorated.

The self-composed song ‘Break It’ was released. The explosive sound of the guitar, the dreamy keyboard, and the drums and vocals that hold the center firmly combined, exuded the personality of The Wales.

Producer Yoon Jong-shin commented, “I think I did it well by choosing the weight, but it was a bit disappointing that Ki-hoon didn’t exist. I felt like everyone had the most of the worries that the four of you had in each part.” Yoon Sang said, “Even though it was rock, the arrangement with harmonious details stood out. I think Junseo gave a special seasoning well.” Lee Sang-soon said, “Even though the average age is the youngest, the older people seemed to play. It is so sophisticated and energetic. It’s overflowing and the technique is great.”

The Wales received a maximum of 930 points from Lee Sang-soon and a minimum of 910 points from Yoon Jong-shin.

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By Hwang So-young, staff reporter [email protected]


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